Fatal Motor Bike Accident

The community of Birchgrove in St. Andrew South-west was in shock on Sunday following the dreadful news that two of their young sons were killed in a tragic motorbike accident on Constantine Main Road.

Dillion Baptiste – owner of the motorbike

The families of the victims, 28-year old Keno Charles and 31-year old Dillion Baptiste went into deep mourning as they tried to come to terms with the death of the two men.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the young men was travelling up to Birchgrove and lost control of the Motorbike which collided with a wall and resulted in them being thrown off it.

It is still unknown what caused Dillon to lose control of the motorbike.

The two were pronounced dead at the scene by a female medical doctor.

Charles who was residing at Cemetery Hill in St. George with his girlfriend and Baptiste, father of a two year old and an unborn baby was living in Birchgrove.

Family members describe them as “brothers”.

THE NEW TODAY spoke with Keno’s cousin, Tikisha John on Tuesday on how the family was coping with the tragedy.

She told this newspaper that she was in church on Sunday when she got the sad news and went into a trance immediately.

Keno Charles – passenger on the bike

According to Tikisha, she and the two young men all grew up together and did almost everything together and that makes it very difficult for her and the rest of the family to accept their deaths.

“Last week Tuesday was my birthday and me and him (Keno were) born some months apart…since we’re children growing up, every time I reach at the same age as him, we always had this big argument about age because he always felt like he is supposed to be the big person, so I was telling them that when he comes back up, I will tell him ‘yes boy, me and you (are) same age…”, she said.

The young lady stated that family members are still trying to understand what caused the accident and the deaths of the young men.

“We’re just here, we’re trying to cope with reality, we’re trying to understand why. I know we’re not supposed to question God and we know all things happen for good for those who love the Lord but it’s something we can’t really accept because he wasn’t sick. He didn’t have any illness and he was on his way home. Although he doesn’t live here, he was on his way up to Birchgrove, so we would’ve seen him that day”, she said.

“…Everybody is thinking about the last conversation they had with him (Keno) because even though we didn’t say we love you, the action … because you know love is an action word and he knew that we loved him but we never really got the chance to say we love you,” she added

Tikisha described her cousin as one who never held grudges against anyone.

“He is not the person to be angry with you. Even though he got mad with you, his anger would stay probably an hour or so. When he is around, you are always laughing. He was a caring person, he cared about family and he loved to have fun and stuff…he was a real nice loving person”, she said.

In the case of Dillion, she referred to him as a family member.

The scene at the tragic motorbike accident on Sunday morning at Constantine which claimed the lives of two young men

Tikisha said: “We were neighbours for a lot of years until they moved up (higher up Birchgrove) and Dillion and my bigger brother were always together and he was always in the house here. He called my mother “mummy”, so it’s like I lost two brothers”.

She stated that she was still hearing the voice of Keno in her head and was hoping that he was indeed the one calling every time her phone rings.

A release from the Community Relations Department (CRD) of the Royal Grenada Police Force on Monday confirmed the death of the two young men.

The release said: “Police are investigating the death of two men which occurred on Sunday 2nd July, 2017 along the Constantine public road about 10:45 a.m.

“Dead are Keno Charles 28-year-old, Construction Worker and Dillion Baptiste 31-year-old, Truck Driver both of Birchgrove, St. Andrew.

“At the time of the incident both men were travelling in the direction of St. Andrew on a motorcycle.

“Autopsies are pending to determine the actual cause of death.”

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