A call to support GCPP

Founder of the Grenada Christian Political Party (GCPP), Derick Sealey is calling on Grenadians to come on board and support the party, which will particularly seek to address the concept of the ‘mark of the beast’ believed to be at play in the country.

Derick Sealey – Founder of the Grenada Christian Political Party (GCPP)

In a recent interview with THE NEW TODAY, Sealey sought to explain his vision of the “Almighty God wanting to be raised up to contest the upcoming general elections to address the issue of the ‘mark of the beast,” which in his opinion, “is being pushed by the other political parties” in the country.

Sealey expressed the view that “the Voter’s Registration Card, which is being used as the national identification card, along with the one being proposed under the impending ‘national health insurance scheme,’ is the mark of the beast (being) made compulsory by law by registration from two months old and upwards.”

In light of this, the Belmont, St. George’s resident is urging Grenadians who are not registered to vote, not to get registered and for those who are already registered to go out and vote for the GCPP so that they can “free their souls.”

“Almost 75, 000 people have already been registered and possess the mark of the beast here in Grenada…I am saying to the Grenadian people, if you are not registered don’t get registered because these electronic multi-purpose ID cards they are issuing is the ‘mark of the beast’, he said.

“…If you are already registered, vote for the GCPP,” he urged nationals while pointing out that a government formed by his party “would end that registration process and that ID card you possess would become null and void, freeing you up from the mark of the beast”.

“We will register our people differently, outside of the electronic modus-operandi,” he said.

According to Sealey, the new registration process would “probably follow old systems of the past that worked very well outside of the electronic multi-purpose ID card system, which I believe connects you world-wide and speaks to the mark of the beast as is written in the word of God, Revelation Chapter 13.”

Sealey has been actively soliciting support from 14 persons to run along with himself, in the 15 constituencies across the island.

However, he has not been able to get anyone to come on board with him.

In the event that he is unable to put together a 15-member team in time to contest the poll, Sealey said that Grenadians should boycott the upcoming elections, which Prime Minister Mitchell indicated will be held “very soon”.

“If GCPP is not formed to contest the next general elections, I am calling on Grenadians to boycott the elections – sending a message to those in charge that the ID card they are issuing is the mark of the beast and you want it (to be) destroyed,” he declared.

“Let this election be the election with the lowest voter turn-out and the most rejected votes ever in the history of parliamentary elections in Grenada,” he said.

Though the party is not yet registered, Sealey indicated, that when the date is set for the elections he will register the party with the “Palm Tree” as its symbol.

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