Murder Inside Mental Home

A 27-year-old man from Mt. Parnassus in St. George has been remanded to the Richmond Hill Prison on an indictable charge of Non- capital murder following a fatal incident at the Mt. Gay Psychiatric Hospital last week Saturday.

Gabriel Alleyne – charged with Non-capital Murder in the death of 49-year-old Anthony Alexander

Unemployed Gabriel Alleyne, is accused of using his bare hands to strangle to death 49-year-old, Laura Land, St. David resident Anthony Alexander, who was at the time of his death an inmate warded at the Rathdune Unit of the mental institution.

A calm looking Alleyne, who was also a patient warded at the hospital, made his first court appearance before Chief Magistrate Tamara Gill at the St. George’s No.1 Magistrate’s Court unrepresented on Tuesday morning.

The murder accused, who is also facing a summary Wounding charge following a June 14 incident, which left his mother nursing a stab wound.

Alleyne told the Chief Magistrate that he intended to retain a lawyer to assist him.

He is scheduled to reappear before the court on July 7 for mention and again on July 14 when both matters will be heard.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the accused.

Is the son of a prominent religious leader in the country.

The incident occurred around 5.05 a.m. on Saturday morning.

It is understood that Alleyne was brought to the Mental hospital for Psychiatric evaluation earlier this month.

He reportedly manually strangled Alexander whose two feet were restrained to a bed.

The circumstances surrounding the strangulation are unknown.

Alleyne was sent to Rathdune at Mt. Gay Psychiatric Hospital to be evaluated after he stabbed his 58-year old mother in their home at Mt. Parnassus on June 14th.

This newspaper understands that Alleyne, the son of Pastor Trevor Alleyne, started to act strange, looked at his mother and called her a sorcerer and also accused her of performing sorcery.

The son then proceeded to stab the mother in her chest.

She was taken to the St. George’s General Hospital for treatment and has since been released.

The Ministry of Health has sought to reach out to both families following the unfortunate strangulation incident at Rathdune.

According to a release from the Government Information Service (GIS), health officials offered condolences and support to the families.

It said: “Senior officials from the Ministry of Health on Saturday reached out to grieving families offering condolences and support, following an incident that left one patient dead at the Mt. Gay Hospital, in St. George’s.

“Health officials saddened by the rather unfortunate incident, responded quickly to the reports and, took additional steps to ensure the continued safety of other patients and staff.

“GIS has confirmed that shortly after the incident was brought under control members of the Ministry’s Senior Management Team (SMT) were out visiting the families of the two patients to officially inform them of the occurrence while at the same time offer all necessary and possible support”.

GIS also reported that the affected families have welcomed the Ministry’s quick response and kind gesture of support at this difficult period.

“Health officials say that they (will) be providing counseling and other forms of support for the staff as well the families affected by this incident”, said the release.

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