Chief Magistrate Tamara Gill has committed Hope Vale, St. George’s resident, Peterson Mitchell to stand trial at the high court on a charge of non-capital murder in connection with the May 26 death of 61-year-old Grand Anse resident, Junior Lewis.

42-year-old Peterson Mitchell

The committal was done last week Friday at the St. George’s No.1 Magistrate’s Court after the Prosecution called its final witness to give evidence in the Preliminary Inquiry into Lewis’ death.

The Police Prosecution called its final witness in the PI, a medical doctor, who was cross-examined by Attorney-at-law, Peter David who is representing the accused.

42-year-old Mitchell is accused of delivering a dangerous blow to the head of the deceased with a piece of wood during an altercation that occurred in Grand Anse on April 24 over a crack pipe.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the two, who are said to be mentally challenged, were having a misunderstanding, when the murder accused allegedly struck the deceased a few times in the head with the piece of wood.

It is also understood that when police officers arrived on the scene, Lewis was found in a drain naked and covered in blood.

He was rushed to the General Hospital in St. George’s, where he succumbed to his injuries two days later.

According to an autopsy report the elderly man died as a result of a fracture to the temple and blunt force trauma to the head.

Police investigations led to the arrest of Mitchell, who was unrepresented, when he made his first court appearance before the Chief Magistrate at the beginning of May.

Magistrate Gill found that there was sufficient evidence to make a case against Mitchell and committed him to stand trial before a judge and jury at the next sitting of the assizes.

The accused was taken away from the court to the Richmond Hill prison where he would be held on remand pending the hearing of the case.

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