Food Fair employees make second court appearance

October 19 is the date set for the start of the Preliminary Inquiry (PI) into stealing and money laundering charges brought against the two female employees of the Grand Anse branch of the Food Fair Supermarket.

Boca, St. George resident Vanessa Mc Burnie and Ingrid Mitchell of St. David were arrested and charged in April on multiple indictable charges of stealing and money laundering.

The two made their second court appearance before the Chief Magistrate last week Thursday and she informed them that she intended to start the Preliminary Inquiry into the case on the next occasion.

Mc Burnie and Mitchell were taken into custody in connection with the disappearance of approximately EC$71, 700.00 from the supermarket between February 1 and March 18.

When the matter was first brought before the Chief Magistrate in April, Mc Burnie was represented by experienced criminal attorney, Anselm Clouden, while her co-accused had retained the services of young female lawyer, Skeeta Chitan.

Clouden was not present at the hearing but Attorney-at-Law, Dickon Mitchell, who was holding papers for him made a request for full disclosure from the Prosecution on the matter.

The police prosecution, which is being led by Assistant Superintendant of Police (ASP) Godfrey Victor, assured the court that full disclosure would be provided to all counsels involved in time for them to be prepared for the PI in October.

According to ASP Victor, the police have at the moment a total of four witnesses for the case.

Attorney Chitan informed the court that she would be ready to start the PI on the next occasion.

THE NEW TODAY understands that one of the women claimed to have used the money to finance medical care for her sick child.

According to a well-placed source, an accountant who looked at the finances of the supermarket felt that something “fishy” was taking place and a further probe discovered that money was missing.

The two women are currently on $50, 000 bail with 2 sureties.

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