Boatswain: Upcoming election his last

Education Minister, Anthony Boatswain has dropped strong hints that the upcoming general elections will be the last he would contest in Grenada.

Speaking on a local radio station, the elected Member of Parliament for the rural St. Patrick West constituency, Boatswain said if the party gives him the nod to contest the seat it would be the very last time that his name will go on the ballot paper.

The seat of the senior government minister is one of five that will know within the next six weeks who will be the caretaker selected to face the electorate.

The others are St. George North-west of Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell, St. David of Economic Development Minster, Oliver Joseph, St. Mark of Foreign Affairs Minister, Dr. Clarice Modeste-Curwen and St. Andrew North-east in which Sports Minister has already announced that he will not be among the list of NNP candidates going forward for the election.

According to Minister Boatswain, he has served his constituency office and by extension Grenada very well and it was time for the younger heads to take over.

“If they select me as a candidate…that will be my last election…I do not intend to go beyond that.

That would be my fifth attempt – five terms, that’s a long time”, he said.

“We have to make way for new leadership in the constituency. I do not intend to go beyond that. If I am selected to run as a candidate, definitely this would be my last election if I am contesting,” he added.

Minister Boatswain announced that his main interest in contesting the upcoming elections is strictly to see the completion of projects in his constituency.

“The reason why I am really interested is because I want to see some of the projects that we have started in St. Patrick’s continue and given the history of what happened in the past where we started certain projects and the new government came in and they terminated the project. I am pretty much against that and therefore I believe if the New National Party is there and if I am there I would definitely give my all to see this project continue, especially the project we have in Sauteurs; the Breakwater, with a view to creating a marina.

“I would like to see that continue because we know what happened in 2008…so once this is on and everything is going fine, I would have done my best and make way for new blood.

Speaking at a public meeting of the NNP on Sunday night, Prime Minister Mitchell told party supporters that all the 15 Caretakers for the elections would be known within the next six weeks.

He said it is possible that one “youthful” Caretaker could be on the slate.

Political observers have ruling out a poll before September based on the timeframe given by Dr. Mitchell.

The Grenadian leader might not be inclined to call elections during the height of the annual carnival celebrations in August.

The NNP is predicting another clean sweep of all 15 seats in the elections – similar to what took place in 1999 and 2013.

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