A second chance for Flow 1 employees

The Management of Flow 1 Television Station has put forward a proposal for its 14 employees to remain on the job after June 30th.

Information reaching THE NEW TODAY indicate that during a meeting held Tuesday, the workers were asked to come up with proposals on what can be done to keep the company open.

Flow 1 employees are invited to shoot out ideas that can earn them a second chance to be employed with the company

A source who asked not to be named said that the workers have been given an opportunity to use the next month to submit their proposals to management for consideration.

He said it appears that not all the employees are willing to go along with the offer as some have indicated that they intend to leave Flow 1 on the Friday (today) deadline that was given earlier.

The bargaining agent for the workers, the Grenada Technical and Allied Workers’ Union (GTAWU) is expected to get the names of those employees who are interested in the proposal.

The Flow 1 situation was raised by this newspaper Tuesday with Labour Representative in the Senate, Raymond Roberts who expressed concerns with what was happening.

Sen. Roberts said he believes that the Keith Mitchell-led government should address the issue in order to give the workers a second chance at having a job.

He spoke of the existence of legislation that holds Flow 1 responsible for providing a Community TV channel to the island.

“…I certainly will hope that the government will come out and say something, they have not said anything thus far. Maybe they are involved in negotiations behind the scene but if what I read is an obligation that Flow (when) they got the license from Hugh Dolland’s company, I think they must be compelled to honour it,” he said.

There are unconfirmed reports that a former high-ranking official with the Mitchell administration is interested in taking over the Flow 1 operations.

According to Sen. Roberts, the reason given by the company of not making enough profit should not be accepted as the rationale for closing Flow 1.

“Clearly to say they are not making profit – that was not meant to be a profitable part of the business. That was meant to be a corporate responsibility and they should not … ignore that and I think the government should demand that they stick to it.

“…In this period, where you need information…to let this thing boil down to just a government channel or government-controlled media house, I think would be very sad for democracy. Again, the government owes the workers and Grenadians to ensure that if that is part of the Cable and Wireless/Flow responsibility, they must stick to it…”.

Apart from Flow 1 the country has two other major tv networks – MTV which is privately owned and GBN in which a Barbados and Trinidad media outfit is the majority shareholder.

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