Rouge Duty Free Launched with store situated at Port Louis

With stores already at Spiceland Mall and Maurice Bishop International Airport (MNIB), Rouge Duty Free has officially launched its Flagship Store in Grenada.

Managing Director, Raymond Kattoura and Staff members

The store which was launched at Port Louis Marina offers a wide variety of men and women fragrances, jewelry, drinks and Cosmetics.

The family-owned business has 52 stores worldwide inclusive of Argentina, Dubai, Brazil, Cayman Islands, St. Thomas and St. Martin.

Addressing the gathering at the launch was Managing Director of Rouge Duty Free, Raymond Kattoura who said that the company will be looking to expand on its present footing in Grenada.

“We are opening five more stores this year. Maurice Bishop International, the airport; we will be having a beautiful first class international store, with all the categories, second level”, he said.

“We’ll be doing an arrival shop and we are looking to expand in the local market. We at Rouge will like to be part of Grenada, to be involved in Grenada and the people of Grenada,” he added.
It is the hope of Kattoura that the Grenada stores can be as competitive as those operating in other cities around the world.

“Our ideology here, our store, our shopping, we want to create a great experience for you, just like we do (with) stores in Europe, South America, New York, Paris, Milan.

“We would like to have the same store available in Grenada, not only to give a duty-free experience, but an excellent price and the latest and excellent fashionable and more utilised items that you can use – upscaling the level, making Grenada do it for you guys and also for the visitors.

“…We are happy to be in Grenada and we want to make sure that Grenada would be proud of us. So, you can tell your friends, your neighbours, your visitors, come see the shops in Grenada.

Kattoura took the opportunity to thank the Government of Grenada, Customs Department, and Airports Authority for helping to facilitate the store in Grenada.

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