Foodland gives back to Fathers

Approximately 31 fathers were the lucky recipients of prizes as part of Foodland’s “Dads are Special” Father’s Day Promotion.

Foodland officials and recipients of Father’s Day Promotion

The initiative was undertaken as part of efforts to exemplify the supermarket’s appreciation of the duties that fathers perform in the society.

The promotion which started on May 29th and ended on June 13th required a father’s name and number to be placed at the back of the receipt given to shoppers and placed in a box for a chance to win one of the six prizes.

The winners were in line to get prizes such as a dinner for two, a weekend for two, Supermarket Gift Vouchers, a Drinks Hamper, Car Care and Gym Passes.

According to Foodland officials, the promotion was intended to show that the supermarket chain is not only focused on making money but also giving recognition where it is due.

Manager at Foodland Supermarket, Ian Bhola spoke about the role of fathers in the society.

He said: “Being a dad is one of the most important jobs, a man can have and few things bring much joy and pride as a blessing of fatherhood. Raising children is an incredible privilege but it’s almost a tremendous God given responsibility, it requires hard work, a frequent struggle and a commitment to always be there for our sons and daughters.

“The future of our children depends to a large extent on what we as parents do – fathers are expected to lead, to defend, to love, to care, to support, and to nurture.

“…I urge us fathers to let us give our children the future that they deserve. I want us to be the role models that we are supposed to be. I want us to be the coaches that we are supposed to be and I just want you to think for a moment, if more of our fathers were to play the role and the responsibility that has been entrusted to them, what a better society we all would have.

“Give our children a fear chance, they depend on us, don’t let our young girls go without an example.

We would have less crime, we would have less violence, we would have a loving people and that’s why Foodland, your family favourite food store is not just about making money, we want to see fathers play their right role in our societies”.

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