The search for oil in Grenada waters

With general elections just around the corner, the ruling New National Party (NNP) of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell has announced that Grenada is on the verge of starting to drill for oil and gas in the island’s territorial waters.

In a broadcast to the nation last Thursday night, Prime Minister Mitchell said that the Russian oil outfit, Global Petroleum Group (GPG) will be undergoing an exploratory drilling campaign within the next two months as the hunt to find oil and gas reserves Petroleum intensifies.

He told Grenadians that GPG was authorised by government to conduct Seismic Survey to get deeper knowledge and a clearer understanding of the precise location, extent, and shape of the prospective geological features within specific blocks of Grenada’s Maritime Territory.

He said the Russians now have all the tools and information needed to move forward with the exploration.

“GPG has now gathered all the available seismic data from surveys conducted in Grenada since the late 1960’s, and integrated it into one comprehensive geological model using the latest technology”, he told the nation.

“…GPG has carried out a detailed study of the most prospective geological features offering greatest exploration and economic development potential. They have prepared all the engineering and logistical plans for the exploratory drilling campaign, engaged all the contractors, subcontractors and vendors necessary, and are on the verge of commencing the exploratory drilling campaign within the next month or two,” he said.

Prime Minister Mitchell pointed out that the work of the GPG is the furthest any petroleum company has reached in oil exploration in local waters.

“It is instructive to note that all the petroleum related work previously undertaken by GPG have been executed, and/or implemented entirely at their own expense and risk. Their achievements to date, represents the furthest any company conducting petroleum exploration in Grenada has ever reached -and the quest continues, with future prospects in sight.” he said.

Shortly after the NNP’s victory in the 2013 general elections, an unknown ship was spotted conducting activities in Grenada’s waters.

THE NEW TODAY was told that the ship was associated with GPG and conducting 3D seismic research.

The oil issue is expected to be high on the agenda of the electoral platform of Mitchell’s NNP in the campaign for the next general election.

The Prime Minister has indicated that the poll will be held “very soon”.

Dr. Mitchell is seeking a record 5th term in office in the Spice Isle.

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