PM Mitchell slammed for speech in Snug Corner

Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell was under fire on the popular social media site, Facebook for alledged derogatory remarks made about two members of the main opposition, National Democratic Congress (NDC) at a public meeting Sunday night following the holding of a Women’s Convention of the ruling New National Party (NNP) at Snug Corner, Beaulieu, St. George.

Dr. Mitchell was called “small-minded and classless” after attacking the NDC Caretaker in his St. George North-west Constituency, Ali Dowden, and Caretaker for the Constituency of Carriacou and Petite Martinique, Tevin Andrews.

The 70-year old Grenadian leader sought to portray Dowden and Andrews as not men but women.

“…It is very clear, they say they have a candidate in North West…I don’t like Child Abuse, I’ve never abused any children but if a child decides to come and face me in politics, I will have to do what the people want me to do. The problem I have is I don’t know what the man name is, some people say he name is Ali Dowden, some people say he name is Arlene Dowden and they say the fella in Carriacou is what – Theresa Andrews…”, he told the gathering.

Reaction was swift on Facebook to Dr. Mitchell’s attack on Dowden and Andrews with some labelling the Prime Minister as being disrespectful.

“I don’t like this statement at all Mr. Prime Minister. Come on man. Show some class…so sad”, was the comment of one person.

“What you expect from (U.S President) Donald Trump. He is who he is, a small-minded man”, said another.

Other posts read as follows: “Shameless man for ah Prime Minister”, “This man is a real low life scum, he really stooping to the lowest level as a Prime Minister, “That’s the behaviour of a Prime Minister, a well-seasoned Prime Minister – embarrassing”, and “Distasteful, disrespectful, Grenadians is this seriously our representative?”

“This clown that has been in power for 13 years now and the country is in the worst shape than it’s ever been. The so-called health care system is probably the worst in the world despite the fact there is a top rank medical school on the island.

“He put the country in insurmountable debt, has created an unsustainable industry even though the country is probably the most fertile in the Western Hemisphere and he is supposed to be an economist…there is a special place for Keith Mitchell.”

“That’s not a Prime Minister – more like a gangster. Hope that the Grenadian people see through that man – that’s not the way a leader should behave…no class at all.”

“The Prime Minister might like to remove this presentation. Indeed, it is his worst in all these years. I have heard better speeches by him. What are his counterparts in the surrounding islands saying? Mr. Prime Minister, please remove this one and admit that it did not measure up.”

“This is pitiful as a leader, when you know better, by right you should do better, he looks like he is drunk…”

Prime Minister Mitchell also went on an all-out attack on Congress and dropped hints that it was about to suffer another 15-0 loss in the upcoming general election.

In an apparent reference to two FM radio stations programmes run by operatives of NDC, Dr. Mitchell accused the opposition of only engaging in maligning the character of persons.

He said: “All this NDC is capable of doing is maligning people character – the most dirty mouth people that has ever passed in this country.  If you listen them on Sunday, I don’t listen because I don’t consider them worthy of listening. If you listen them on Sunday is only mauvaislang and bad mouth, if you listen them during the week, mauvaislang and bad mouth but when you listen to the New National Party, you’re hearing about jobs, development, education, health care, social services, the betterment for the people of this country, youth development and everything that goes with this”.

Without giving a possible date for the election, PM Mitchell said it will be “very soon” and urged his supporters to get ready.

Speculation is rife that Grenadians could go to the polls as early as July while some pundits are predicting elections sometime between October and December.

The NNP is confident of another clean sweep of the polls like in 1999 and 2013 when its candidates won all 15 seats.

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