Grand Anse Valley Resident on Murder Charge

A fatal stabbing incident on Friday night has resulted in a charge of non-capital murder being slapped on 53-year-old Fitzroy “Jessie” St. Louis of Grand Anse Valley.

Marcus Alexander – was stabbed in the chest

He is accused of causing the death of 33 year-old Marcus Alexander of the same village.

THE NEW TODAY understands that Alexander succumbed to injuries sustained as a result of a stab wound to the chest following an altercation with the murder accused.

The incident happened sometime after 11.00 p.m. in the village as the accused was engaged in a physical altercation with the wife of the murder accused, who reportedly stepped in to defend his wife.

Villagers described the deceased as a known trouble maker in the community,

It is understood that prior to the fatal incident, the three along with others were hanging out at a popular shop in the village and engaged in drinking alcoholic beverages.

The murder accused, who was represented by criminal attorney-at-law, Peter David, appeared Tuesday morning before Chief Magistrate Her Honour Tamara Gill, who read out the indictable non-capital murder charge to him.

St. Louis was not required to enter a plea as the charge laid against him is indictable.

Due to the nature of the charge, Chief Magistrate Gill took a decision to remand the accused to the Richmond Hill Prisons until the next hearing fixed for June 16.

The presiding Magistrate also issued summons for the eight (8) witnesses including police officers who will be called upon to give evidence in the Preliminary Inquiry stages of the hearing.

Fitzory St Louis –the latest person to be charged with Murder in the Spice Isle

Attorney David used Tuesday’s hearing to request for full disclosure in the matter by State Prosecutors.

The wife of St. Louis along with several supporters flocked around the murder accused as he was being escorted from court to the waiting vehicle for the journey up to Richmond Hill.

“I love you baby, we are here for you”, said the wife, who is also one of the witnesses in the matter.

She also ran up to her husband and kissed him as the police led him away from the court house.

The accused has been described as a very peaceful member of the Grand Anse Valley community.

The autopsy revealed that Alexander died as a result of cardiac tamponade, which is when fluid in the pericardium (the sac around the heart) builds up and results in compression of the heart.

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