Author seeks to promote reading amongst Grenadians

Grenadian novelist, Cindy Mc Kenzie is planning to use her 2015 novel “Force Ripe” to promote reading among her country folks.

Cindy McKenzie – author of Force ripe, a Grenadian novel now on the market

In an exclusive interview with THE NEW TODAY last week Wednesday, McKenzie, noted with a sense of disappointment the realisation that “a lot of Grenadians have never heard about the book” which was written “using our language (Grenadian dialect).

“I published the book in September 2015 and still there are so many people who have never heard of the book and I think it is because a lot of us, we don’t read anymore”, she said.

“…I want to use the book to promote reading and I wish other authors could come together because I think it is very important to promote reading”, she added.

McKenzie has been invited to read from her book during the Rhythms of Spice Festival this month.

According to McKenzie, Force Ripe has been creating quite a stir on international markets, mainly in the United States, Canada and England and because of the overwhelming response it has received she intends to make the book a “household name.”

“There are a lot of different aspects of the book such as sexual abuse among other issues – all from the point of view of a 10-year-old child that needs promotion as well and are very relevant to society today….”, she remarked.

“So for me, I want to use it (the book) to promote reading especially, because it resonate with so many,” she said.

She felt that “the book has captured the hearts of many,” who have been responding by leaving “comments on my page, doing their reviews on Amazon,” et cetera.

McKenzie also spoke of the challenges faced in getting support for her book from Grenadians.

She said that some of the times the locals are more eager to support what foreigners have offered in a greater degree than their own.

“I think we have a serious issue with that. I am not sure, it could have stemmed from maybe the slavery days, I don’t know. I think we have a habit of one, we never think that our own is good enough; two…sometimes people have a certain image of what certain people should be or look like…”, she said.

“I feel very passionate and very disappointed when our own people don’t embrace something good,” she quipped.

According to the author, she has discovered from personal experience that “the people who I find (have) tried to keep me down and have ‘kinda’ thrown stones in my face are the local people”.

However, she admitted that not all locals have adopted that position towards her but there are many “who I have had some experiences with…especially now as I am trying to get the book into bookshops.”

Since its release in September 2015, Mc Kenzie said she has been able to sell most of the 2, 500 copies of the book that was printed primarily.

Interested persons can purchase a copy of ‘Force Ripe’ for $40.00 from McKenzie herself who can be contacted on 473-414-6737 or at local bookshops for prices ranging between $40.00 and $50.00.

The book is also on sale on the Amazon website (

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