Police and Magistrate’s Court receive equipment to aid in juvenile issues

A much needed tracking equipment has been handed over to the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) and the Magistrate’s Court for use in serving and protecting juveniles.

ACP Prince accepts equipment on behalf of RGPF

Known as the Therascribe Information Management System, it was provided to the island under the Juvenile Justice Reform Project that is funded primarily by USAID.

At the handover ceremony held at the Ministry of Works Conference Room on Tuesday, Planning Officer in the Ministry of Social Development, Samuel St. Bernard said that the tools will go a long way in assisting juveniles who come in conflict with the law.

“This (the equipment) is to facilitate the installation of software; a Juvenile Justice Management Information Software, that is going to be used to facilitate the treatment, the assessment of our juveniles who come into conflict with the law. This system will be linked to the service providers, hence the reason why police and the courts are a part of this process”, he said.

“This will allow us to form a network across a software base so we can basically be able to track our juveniles who come into conflict (with) the law at any point of the juvenile justice system,” he added.

Minister of Social Development, Delma Thomas is confident that the equipment will ease the workload of all stakeholders in Juvenile issues.

Minister Thomas said the system should help stakeholders like the Police, the Courts and the Social Development ministry, the Police, the Court “to store information, to capture data as it relates to the juveniles who will get themselves in conflict with the law or those who are at risk”.

“…We want to thank all those who have provided, and we look forward to continue working along with the Court and the Police, so that we can assist our juveniles as they transit within the law so that we can assist them as they go back out into the society.

“So, we hope that this would benefit juveniles, and also the government as we keep records, and we’re able to track them, and be able to help them and see whatever challenges they face and how we can deal with those challenges”.

Receiving on behalf of RGPF was Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Jessmon Prince who explained the importance of the equipment.

He said: “It will certainly help us in managing our side of the juvenile system. As you are aware the police is really interested in ensuring that those people who break the law are dealt with according to law, but of course we are concerned about our juveniles, that at this present time we can say that we have a system in place where we can actually address their needs more than that of punishment.

“So, we believe that this equipment will help us to work along with the ministry and other stakeholders in addressing the real need of our juveniles, so that they do no end up becoming major criminals in the future,” he added.

Administrative Officer in the Magistrate’s Courts, Claudia Bowen Roberts accepted the equipment on behalf of the Magistrate’s Department and expressed appreciation to the donors.

“It is a good equipment for us because ever so often, we would have request regarding juveniles, especially the amount we have per year, and we are unable to provide that easily. It takes a long search to do so, and I do believe that as a result of receiving this bit of equipment, it will assist us to disseminate information to them more readily,” she said.

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