NDC defends ‘broadening the tax base’

The main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has been forced to defend one of its promises for the upcoming general election on “broadening the tax base”.

The host of the “Hard Talk Radio Programme,” that is sponsored by the ruling new National Party (NNP) government has been telling listeners that Congress intends to move into certain service sectors that are not yet paying taxes to bring them into the system.

Sheldon Scott made the claim in a commentary on the 13-year Policy Agenda set out by NDC for the period 2017-30.

In defense, Deputy Political leader of congress, Joseph Andall charged that the main currency the NNP trades in, is ignorance, which he said is very consistent with the character of the governing party.

While he applauded the NNP for looking at Congress’ Policy Agenda, he said the remarks made by Scott show that the ruling party does not have one for itself.

According to Andall, after being in charge of the nation’s affairs for over 18 years, NNP has not been able to produce something substantial.

“Their approach to national development is like a batsman who goes to the wicket, closes his eyes, swings his bat, and hopes for the best,” he said.

The NDC Policy Agenda, which was launched last year, said the opposition political party “intends to undertake a comprehensive review of the present tax base with a view to reducing the tax burden on the middle-income earners, increasing disposal income, and stimulating small business expansion and development.”

The main opposition party has said that the Policy Agenda would seek to “eliminate all nuisance taxes, fees, charges, and levies.”

“We intend to overhaul the tax system so as to render the tax regime simpler, equitable, predictable while broadening the tax base and raising compliance levels for greater efficiency in tax administration,” said the Policy Agenda.

NDC is seeking to topple the NNP from power in the upcoming general elections, which many pundits predict will be held before year-end.

Dr. Mitchell led NNP to a clean sweep of all 15 seats in the 2013 general elections and is predicting another repeat performance in the upcoming poll.

NB: The above was the last story written for the NEW TODAY newspaper by Editor, Wayne Modeste who died on April 27)

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