Media block-out on Levera case

There is a media blockout in the multi-million dollar lawsuit filed by former U.S citizen, Roger Ver against another controversial American, Robert Martin Oveson who landed in St. George’s just over a year ago to promote the Levera project in St. Patrick’s.

THE NEW TODAY has been unable to get access to the documents filed in the Supreme Court Registry by the parties involved in the case.

A source told this newspaper that the files were ordered “sealed” on the instructions of the High Court judge hearing the matter.

He said it is not really a “Gag Order” aimed at preventing the media from covering the multi-million dollar lawsuit that has raised eyebrows outside of Grenada.

Speculation is rife that attorneys representing Oveson had made an application to the court for an order to this effect in order to avoid publicity on the matter.

A source close to Ver confirmed the existence of the media “block-out” and said that the complainant in the matter would like to observe the directives of the court.

The matter arose from an incident in which Ver was seeking a Grenadian passport through Oveson, the Managing Director of NTL Trust, a registered agent to sell the passports under the island’s Citizenship By Investment (CBI) programme.

Ver, the holder of a St. Kitts Citizenship passport wired EC$2.7 million to the account of a local law firm retained by Oveson for the processing of the Grenada passport as part of a commitment to the Levera project.

Initially, he had wired US$350, 000.00 to the Escrow account of the law firm to get the passport through a donation to the Mount Cinnamon resort that is being promoted by British businessman, Peter deSavary.

Ver’s application was apparently turned down by the Government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell and was not informed of this development by Oveson.

Earlier court documents obtained by this newspaper revealed that Oveson asked Ver to make a bigger contribution of US$1 million for the Levera project and that would guarantee him a Grenadian passport.

After waiting for almost a year without getting the passport, Ver decided to fly into Grenada in October 2016 from his base in Hong Kong to ascertain the status of things.

He was then informed by the Manager of Cinnamon that the application was rejected and subsequently asked Oveson to return the money.

Ver has also brought the matter to the attention of the Mitchell-led government and requested that Oveson and his company be struck off the list as CBI agents for Grenadian passports.

Prime Minister Mitchell and a battery of government ministers including Education Minister, Anthony Boatswain attended the ground-breaking ceremony for the Levera project in November in the company of Oveson.

Director of Public Prosecutions, Christopher Nelson has also ordered the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) to undertake a crminial investigation into the allegations against Oveson, a Utah businessman.

There has been no word from the DPP’s office on the progress of the investigation.

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