The Grenada Technical and Allied Workers’ Union makes it abundantly clear to all its members and the general public that it supports and identifies with the demand made by the Grenada Trades’ Union Council (GTUC) for a “freeze on Parliamentarians’ pension” until the Public Officers’ pension matter is resolved once and for all!!

As a matter of fact, a similar call was made in the TAWU’s May Day 2017 address. The philosophy of the Grenada Technical and Allied Workers’ Union has always been and will always be to ask for and give solidarity in the interest of the “bigger good.”

The demand to freeze Parliamentarians pension until the resolution of the matter concerning Public Offices pension is a noble one. After all, it is successive Governments that have failed to address this matter in any serious way. What better way to demonstrate Government’s commitment to resolving this matter than by freezing Parliamentarian’s state pension?

The Union wishes to thank its members and workers in general who have responded positively to its many calls over the years for solidarity by placing the interest of the majority over their self interest!

This opportunity is taken to inform the general public that as of March 31, 2017, Comrade Chester Humphrey has retired from the employment of the Grenada Technical and Allied Workers’ Union.

(Submitted by the Grenada Technical and Allied Workers’ Union)

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