Albert Alexis murder trial nears completion

A nine-member jury is preparing to deliver a verdict in the Albert Alexis murder trial, which commenced at the St. George’s No.2 High Court on the Carenage last week Wednesday.

The 62-year-old De Blandeau, St. Andrew resident is charged with non-capital murder for the May 2015 death of 31-year-old Alison Henry of Plaissance, St. Andrew.

Albert Alexis – accused of killing Alison Henry in May 2015

Henry died following multiple stab wounds to his body after an altercation with Alexis over a piece of land.

An autopsy report revealed that the deceased died as a result of “hypovolemic shock due to a stab wound to the chest.

Residents in the area who spoke with this newspaper following the fatal incident did not express shock at the turn of events, since the accused had been involved in a series of land disputes with fellow villagers in the past.

When the matter came up before the Grenville Magistrate’s court last year, in defense of the murder accused, who is now a pensioner, experienced criminal attorney Anselm Clouden argued that the victim, who died days later at the hospital, is said to have ran into the weapon, which allegedly took his life.

According to Clouden this information is contained in a statement given to the police by his client.

In an interview with THE NEW TODAY outside the court on Wednesday morning, the lawyer said he was looking forward to starting his client’s defense after State Prosecutors called their 6th and final witness.

“That is all I can say with respect to the matter as it stands because we have not yet put our case and the Prosecution has led all its evidence. We are concluding today (Wednesday) with the evidence of the Pathologist and also Dr. Noel (who had already given evidence),” Clouden said.

The State Prosecution team is being led by Senior Crown Counsel, Jamaican-born Howard Pinnock, who is being assisted by Crown Counsel, Brandon La Touche.

The De Blandeau murder is one of 10 listed for trial in the May 2017 assizes, which opened two weeks ago at the No. 2 High Court.

The assizes list comprises a total of 136 cases, 61 of those being sexual related offences, 24 harms of violence, 23 housebreaking and stealing offences, along with the 10 cases of murder/manslaughter.

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