The fate of murder accused Albert Alexander looms

The murder trial involving De Blandeau St. Andrew resident, Albert Alexander for the 2015 stabbing death of Alson Henry, was expected to start Wednesday at the No.2 High Court on The Carenage in St. George’s before Guyanese-born High Court Judge, Justice Paula Gilford.

Murder accused Albert Alexander

Alexander, who retained the services of long-standing criminal attorney, Anselm Clouden, was committed to stand trial for the offence of non-capital murder at the end of his Preliminary Inquiry at the Grenville Magistrate’s Court late last year.

THE NEW TODAY understands that at the end of the inquiry, Attorney Clouden made a submission to the court that his client, who was 59 years old at the time of the fatality, should not have been charged with murder but manslaughter; as the evidence from the Prosecution did not show the intention for the crime.

Clouden told the court that the victim, who died days later at the General Hospital, is said to have ran into the weapon, which allegedly took his life according to a statement given to the police by his client.

The De Blandeau murder trial is one of 10 listed for hearing in the May 2017 assizes, which opened last week Tuesday at the No.2 High Court.

The assizes list comprises 136 cases, 61 of those being sexual related offences, 24 harms of violence, 23 house breaking and stealing offences, along with the 10 cases of murder/ manslaughter.

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