Ending the reign of man on earth.

G.C.P.P ideology says, that’s the times, we are living in today, the mark of the beast times. The NNP government and past NDC government of 2008-2013 have and are giving the people the Mark of the Beast. They do so through the M.P. I.D ID Card system by which you obtain your voter’s ID and soon to come National Health Insurance ID Card.

The latter is the Mark of the Beast made compulsory by law. The correct ideology people is that the Mark Of the Beast is here and the NNP, NDC and others are selling your souls to the Devil by that.

They are registering and asking you to get registered into the M.P.I.D system Rev. 13; 16-18. People we must end that. G.C.P.P will end the Mark of the Beast and E Government from Grenada. That its divine ideology, assignment and mission to rescue Grenada from the Mark of the Beast, preparing its people to meet their creator.

The Mark of the Beast issue is the big issue today, but the NNP and NDC have been caught off guard and are unable to address it, for what it is. Instead they are pushing it. No longer it’s only about bread and butter issues materialism and prosperity anymore.

Times have changed to take into consideration the destiny of the nation’s people souls and the selling of their souls to the Devil by the NNP, NDC and others with the Mark of the Beast.

The correct election ideology therefore is advocated by G.C. P.P. the Mark of the Beast is here and G.C.P.P will end it. This cannot be pushed aside, it needs addressing and answering in this upcoming election.

The mark of the beast is the most serious threat facing mankind today. G.C.P.P is raised up to forewarn Grenada and become elected into government, winning all 15 seats to end the Mark of the Beast from Grenada.

To continue with the NNP, NDC and others who are expired and rejected by God for this era is to sign Grenada’s death warrant.

G.C.P.P, if formed and given the mandate to govern Grenada, will destroy the mark of the beast and E government from Grenada. The Correct election ideology therefore is what G.C.P.P has – the true, greatest and best ideology for this era and the upcoming general election.

Join G.C.P.P and become candidates, members and supporters. Don’t vote the soul seller and sign you death warrant. Read the service area of the classified section of this newspaper to be a part of G.C.P.P.

Derick Sealey
Grenada Christian Political Party
1(473) 405-5752

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