NAWASA to construct new water treatment plant at Concord

The National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) is preparing to construct a new water treatment plant at Concord, geared at enhancing water supply to the south of the island and in some communities along the eastern side.

NAWASA General Manager Christopher Husbands

According to General Manager of NAWASA, Christopher Husbands, the US$12.5 million project, which is earmarked to commence within the next 18 months, is being funded by the United Kingdom Climate Investment Funds (CIF), which seeks to provide urgently needed resources to manage the challenges of climate change and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions in developing countries like Grenada.

“We are going to be doing a new treatment plant in Concord and we are going to be bringing that supply from Concord all the way down to (the) Sandals (La Source Resort & Spa). So the south of the island will primarily be supplied from the Concord water treatment plant,” Husbands said in a recent interview with THE NEW TODAY.

He explained that the new development would allow for the Annandale Water Treatment Plant, which now supplies the south of the island, to be channeled easterly to areas like Calivingy, Egmont, Fort Jeudy, and surrounding areas that are often faced with high levels of calcium in their water supply, which is received via underground burrow holes.

The NAWASA boss admitted that “the burrow holes are becoming increasingly expensive to operate,” noting that “replacing the borrow hole operation with surface water would help the Authority in terms of efficiency, by improving the level of service in terms of quality and availability in both the dry and rainy seasons.

“So we are looking at about 18 months to see real serious activity on the ground…we have to go and lay pipes going through the entire Grand Anse main road, all the way down to Point Salines and we are also going to be using the opportunity to re-do the waste water infrastructure on The Carenage, which is an area that has been challenging us for a while,” he added.

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