Free to Wonder in Pure Grenada

The Grenada Tourism Authority’s (GTA) source markets, USA, Canada, Caribbean, Germany and the wider Europe have been given a chance to see what it means to wonder in Pure Grenada as the local body has digitally launched its “Free to Wonder” campaign.

The launch took place last week Tuesday at the GTA conference room on the Carenage, St. George’s.

“Free to Wonder” is a new catchphrase of the GTA as it moves onto a new lifestyle campaign for the next six months and beyond.

This slogan rides on the essence of the Pure Grenada brand and seeks to tap into the minds of potential visitors to give them an idea as to what they can experience upon visiting Grenada.

Chief Executive Officer of GTA, Patricia Maher said that this new drive adds a little bit more to the Pure Grenada brand.

“So the niche market of adventure, romance, diving, hiking and sailing have all added the word pure to represent Grenada and it works very well for all these niches. Research is showing that the visitors who we now like to call an explorer, they want to connect; they want to have a real authentic experience. Fifty five percent of the Millennia to travel want nothing but discovery and adventure”, she remarked.

“… Because there are many reasons to visit Grenada, we have the beaches, pure, we have the waterfalls, pure, we have St. George’s, a pure heritage city, we have pure carnival, we have pure hiking, we have pure diving, we have pure food and beverage and most importantly we have warm and friendly people. The evolution of the brand three years ago from Pure Grenada to Spice of the Caribbean is moving forward today with our new exciting lifestyle campaign,” she said.

Maher went on: “Free to wonder” represents, tranquility, relaxation, enjoyment, and above all, it represents Grenada. Why free to wonder? Well, we’re free to wonder at the lovely smiles of the people, we’re free to wonder at the colour of Grenada, we’re free to wonder at the beauty of the island and we’re free to wonder at the lifestyles of the people. Hashtag free to wonder speak to our safe and peaceful island and it speaks to our warm friendly people…from now on it’s free to wonder in Pure Grenada the Spice of the Caribbean.

Marketing Manager at GTA, Francine Stewart elaborated by saying, ‘we live an awesome life, come experience my life where you are free to wonder.’

“This lifestyle campaign “free to wonder” will help us leverage the Pure Grenada brand but I am proud to say is strong and very well established. Everywhere we go in our marketing mission and activities…we are Pure Grenada – the Spice of Caribbean. We get asked why come to Pure Grenada, aside from its authenticity and Pure Grenada…I always like to answer; you are free to wonder.

“…We are going to digitally launch all these images throughout our source markets…USA, Canada, Caribbean Germany and the wider Europe.  All our markets will receive images and are free to market and advertise not just Grenada’s purity but how freely and wild you can come and enjoy pure Grenada…free to wonder.

In recent years, tourism has overtaken agriculture as the main money earner and creation of jobs for the Grenadian economy.

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