Clear Harbor First Aid & Fire Extinguisher Training 2017

As Clear Harbor continues to focus on their growth and long term success, important things such as disaster preparedness and employee health & safety remain a top priority. During the months of March & April, twenty nine (29) support employees completed First Aid certification and twenty six (26) completed Fire Extinguisher certification.

The training allowed these employees to become certified First Aid & Fire Extinguisher Responders, as they exhibited the ability to provide help to others during emergency situations. The certification process included the following areas:

First Aid

•    First Aid: Certified members are now able to recognize and care for a variety of first aid emergencies such as burns, cuts, scrapes, sudden illnesses, head, neck, back injuries, asthma, seizures, heat and cold emergencies.

•    CPR/AED: Certified members are able to recognize and respond appropriately to heart attack, cardiac arrest and breathing emergencies.

•    Choking: Certified members are able to assist anyone who intakes a foreign object that has become lodged in their throat/windpipe and blocks the flow of air.

•    Bandages: Certified members are able to assist anyone who sustains a wound or is experiencing blood loss.

Fire Extinguisher

•    Fire Classifications: Fires are classified according to the type that is burning, which simply means the type of material that is on fire i.e. paper, grease, electrical equipment etc.

•    Types of Fire Extinguishers: The three most common types of fire extinguishers are: Water, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) & Dry Chemical.

•    How to Use a Fire Extinguisher: How to pull the pin, aim the nozzle, squeeze the handle, and sweep side to side at the base of the fire.

•    Guidelines For Fighting Fire: Specific tips to follow when deciding to fight/extinguish a fire.

To date, Clear Harbor has a total of fifty five (55) support members certified as First Aid & Fire Responders. They are as follows:

Certified First Aid Responders

Matthew J.S.Joseph, Stephen Greenidge, Alana Andrews, Suranna Persue, Lichelle Armstrong, Joy Langaigne, Coleen Radix, Kemisha Hutchinson, Kenither Charles, Joshua Ventour, Natalie Bridgeman, Jahmanty Peters, Naomis Felix, Kellisha Hazzard, Sherryl Julien, Yvonne Thomas, Laverne Smith, Jacqueline Alexis, Esther Parris Lewis, Alisia Jaleel, Antonia Dowe, Chinty Lakhati, Travis Duncan, Daron Franklyn, Camily Henry, Keron Simon, Sheldon Brathwaite, Michael Hutchinson, Bertrand Prosper

Certified Fire Extinguisher Responders

Cheldoy Augustine, Aaron Mark, Stephen Greenidge, Matthew J.S.Joseph, Kenither Charles, Joy Langaigne, Mugabe Sam, Abby-Gail Vincent, Shereen Sabazan, Kemisha Hutchinson, Jahmanty Peters, Nordine Morain, Cameron Philbert, Jevon Belmar, Kellisha Hazzard, Jose Haycinth, Davis John, Marvin Hosten, Oshane Richards, Travis Duncan, Johanne Lewis, Chinty Lakhati, Kirk Chatteram, Sheldon Brathwaite, Michael Hutchinson, Renneisher Antoine

Clear Harbor has no doubt that they are taking the necessary measures to ensure they are well prepared to deal with disaster & emergencies. The company will continue to certify employees as the need arises to ensure that they have an adequate pool of responders available to assist.

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