The Hog Island financial transaction

Did the New National Party (NNP) government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell collect any money from the Hog Island transaction with controversial U.S investor, E.J Miller?

The question still remains hanging in the air despite answers provided to Trade union representative in the Upper House, Senator Ray Roberts by Leader of Government Business, Senator Simon Stiell on the sale of Hog Island to Miller.

THE NEW TODAY has been able to obtain copies of the reply given by Sen. Stiell to several questions asked by Sen. Roberts.

Well-placed sources told this newspaper that it is customary for monies paid pertaining to land transactions involving the state to see the receipt given by the Inland Revenue Department be affixed to the deed.

However, this has reportedly not been the case in the Hog Island deal that was done by a former Mitchell-led NNP administration and Miller.

As a public service, THE NEW TODAY reproduces the answers as provided by Sen. Stiell at a recent  sitting of the Senate on those long-outstanding questions asked by Sen. Roberts.

The Government of Grenada conveyed on the 21st day of December 1999 – 81 acres 11 poles of land known as Hog Island and 240 acres of land being part of Mt. Hartman Estate situated in the parish of St. George to a company Incorporated under the Laws of Grenada as Intercontinental Grenada LTD under a Title Deed recorded in the Deeds and Land registry of Grenada in Liber 29 – 1999 at page 975 for a purchase price of seven million United States currency (US$7,000,000)

Will the leader of Government Business provide the Treasury Receipt or receipts amounting to US$7,000,000 as acknowledged to in the aforementioned Deed of Conveyance to Intercontinental Grenada Limited

ANSWER FROM Leader of Government Business, Senator Simon Stiell: After seventeen years no receipt can be provided at this time.

QUESTION: How many times has the Government sold Hog Island since its acquisition of 1978 and what compensation has been paid to the owners?

ANSWER FROM Leader of Government Business Senator Stiell:  Once as far as we are able to ascertain we have found no record of any compensation package paid.

QUESTION: Will the Leader of Government’s Business inform the Senate who is or are the current owner/owners of Mt. Hartman Estate?

ANSWER PROVIDED by Leader of Government’s Business. The Government of Grenada.

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