The Grenada Cultural Foundation and Culture entities

The Grenada Cultural Foundation is expected to reach its full potential through the amendment of the Cultural Corporation Act CAP. 128E  so as to ensure it fulfill its mandate of preserving Grenada’s culture.

Sen. Brenda Hood – Minister of Culture and Heritage

This will be done through the management of other corporation that’s according to the Grenada Cultural Amendment Bill 2017 which will fall under the auspices of the Grenada Cultural Foundation.

The Bill was tabled and presented at the sitting of the Upper House by Senator Brenda Hood at the Trade Centre last Wednesday.

According to Senator Hood, this cultural corporation bill 2017 seeks to repeal the Grenada cultural foundation Act CAP .128E and establish the Grenada Cultural Foundation, regulating the general affairs of the Cultural Foundation and ensuring cordination between the foundation and other Cultural Corporations and management committees for public festivals.

“The Grenada Cultural Foundation was established in 1998 by the Grenada Cultural Foundation Act CAP.128E, and the Spicemas Corporation was established in 2011. Over the years since 1998 Mr. President, the Cultural Foundation has been responsible for all of the cultural activities throughout the length and breadth of this country. We believe that the time has come for us to amend the bill to make sure that it falls in line in terms of the preservation of our culture,” Hood stated.

“I am happy also that we are making this amendment this month because April is considered the Heritage Month and this all boils into our cultural heritage and all that is necessary for the preservation because as it says if we do not know our culture, if we do not know where we are coming from, we are not able to preserve it. I am happy that we are able to come here today to amend the Cultural Corporation Bill, so that we would have other corporations that will fall under this bill,” she added.

The corporations that will fall under the Grenada Cultural Foundation are Spicemas Corporation Act of 2011, Carriacou and Petite Martinique festival board which was established by the Carriacou and Petite Martinique act of 2011, the National Trust, established by the National Trust Act and the Grenada National Museum that will be established by the Grenada National Museum Bill of 2017 upon enactment.

The objective of the bill is to reestablish the Grenada Cultural Foundation with improved functions and powers, thus establishing the concept of corporation and designate specific statutory bodies and cultural corporations to encourage coordination among corporations.  It is also designed to cure any inconsistency with the Public Finance Management Act of 2015 and the Public Procurement and disposal of Public Property Act 2013 in respect of act establishing cultural corporations.

The Corporations will have to comply with the Public Finance Management Act of 2015 and the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Property Act of 2013.

The cultural Foundations will be structures to provide oversight over the corporations and submit quarterly reports on the functions of these entities.

Labour Representative in the Senate, Senator Raymond Roberts lamented the fact the Willie Redhead Foundation was not included as one of those entities under the Cultural Foundation.

“The people who are in this foundation are foremost in Grenada’s culture. Let’s take a gentleman as Mr. Lambert; 85, he recently gave his artifacts and so on to the museum. You can’t ignore 55/60 years of a person loving something like that. So I am saying the Willie Redhead Foundation, those are the people who are in it and we should value the years and their passion for things like that. It will enhance the cultural foundation…I agree that the ministries must have representation but what I am asking for is a balance.”

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