TAMCC students provide aid to student and charity

A fundraising event by the students of the T.A. Marryshow Community College (TAMCC) Hospitality events management class of 2017 was able to assist the Grenada Patient Kidney Foundation and a fellow student which some much needed funds.

Students, teachers and recipients stand in photo op

A handover ceremony at the Hospitality Department of the college recently saw fellow student Jeniel Pope and Director of Kidney Foundation, Heather Sylvester being the recipients of funds raised at an event coordinated by the students.

Student of events management class, Daniel Chase presented the cheque to Pope as she broke down in tears.

“On behalf of the TAMCC Hospitality and Food and Beverage Events and Conference Management Class 2017, we would like to present this cheque of $850 to you Jeniel Pope, a visually impaired student at our department,” Chase said.

The money will be used to assist Pope as she continues on her scholastic journey.

A cheque of $2000 was also presented to the Grenada National Patient Kidney Foundation to help its cause and Director Heather Sylvester accepted on the foundation’s behalf.

“On behalf of the kidney foundation I would like to thank you very much. The two main aims are to help diabetic patients that need dialysis and also to spread the word in the community about kidney disease and how we could avoid it because we would really like to help people avoid it. If, you have High Blood Pressure or Diabetes, keep the pressure and the sugar down…about 70% of kidney failures come from those two things.”

“ …it was a bit of a struggle but after a year or two we were able to help the patients with one treatment per week and they should have three per week but they generally have to make do with two because of the expense.  They receive three it would come to nearly $10,000 EC dollars a month..Last year we went from five in January to 12 patients in December…so it’s been quite a struggle to find enough money,” Sylvester explained.

The students also presented some tokens of appreciation to the Hospitality Department for assisting them this far through their education.

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