GIS guilty of overspend

Minister of State for Information Senator Winston Garraway has sought to justify monies spent outside the budgetary allocation by the State controlled Government Information Service (GIS) provided in the 2015 budget.

Labour Representative in the Upper House of Parliament, Sen. Raymond Roberts last week Wednesday brought to the attention of the Senate an overspend of fifty percent that the GIS had last year in its operation.

GIS was provided with a budgetary allocation of $187,908 from the Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure $262,558.

According to Sen. Roberts, Vote 18 of the 2016 Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure, there was included a “special information project numbered 0015509.”

Sen. Garraway informed the Senate that the purpose of the special information project which was established over a decade ago is to build capacity within GIS in order to fulfill its mandate of informing and educating the public on the work of government.

He said it can best be described as a “staffing arrangement to provide technical and administrative services to the GIS.”

“The over-spending of $74,650 was due largely to an accumulation of over-time payments,” the Junior Information Minister said.

He said the $275,000 budgeted in 2016 will be used by GIS to achieve its mandateand will not be overspending.

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