Escaped Prisoner surrendered

The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) was in search of an escaped prisoner who escaped the custody of police last Wednesday but last Friday turned himself in at Central Police Station on the Carenage St. George.

Clint Thorne walked into Central Police Station

Clint Thorne was sent by the authorities of Her Majesty’s Prison to the Mt. Gay Mental Health Hospital to receive treatment from the Carlton House Drug and Rehabilitation Programme last Wednesday.

It was there that Thorne saw the opportunity of freedom and he jumped the fence of the Mental Health Hospital and made his escape.

The inmate who is a resident of  River Road St. George was on the prowl for two days before turning himself in.

On the day of the escape, 20 prisoners were receiving treatment under the supervision of two prison officers.

When the crew was about to leave the hospital, one of the officers were informed by another inmate of Thorne’s escape as he saw him jump over the fence.

A release from the Community Relations Department (CRD) of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) last Friday confirmed that Thorne walked into the police station.

The release stated that “An escaped prison inmate from the Richmond Hill Prison who escaped from the police on Wednesday has been captured.“

Clint Thorne turned himself in at the Central Police Station about 06:00 a.m. today.”

“The Royal Grenada Police Force statement thanked the media and the general public for their continued support and assistance.”

Thorne is serving time at Her Majesty’s Prison for unlawful carnal knowledge.

As investigations continue into the circumstances surrounding the escape, prison authorities are brain storming whether to deal with the situation internally or in the court.

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