Claudette Joseph takes on Brenda Baptiste

Female Attorney Claudette Joseph has reacted sharply to a reaction coming from radio personality Brenda Baptiste over Joseph’s criticism of Baptiste defense of a recent statement made by President of the Senate Chester Humphrey.

Attorney Claudette Joseph – took issue with the post on Social Media

Humphrey, during last week’s sitting of the Senate, sought to defend the church over its criticism of not addressing current social issues facing the country.

In her post on social media, Baptiste who anchors the morning programme on GBN Radio wrote “As for me I’ve always said I think Chester awakes and says ‘Thank GOD I’m an athiest’ every morning.”

In her defence, Joseph said “My post doesn’t stand in judgment of the proclaimed atheist but simply marvels at the irony of life in my beautiful Grenada. However, since you are yourself standing in judgment of me and you suggest that I start the discussion elsewhere, I will oblige, let us start elsewhere.”

The female Attorney reminded Baptiste that Grenada’s system of government recognizes and values the separation and independence of the church from the state and “I’m sure the atheist understands this or at least, he once did.”

Joseph indicated that after the last election campaign the party now in government drew the churches in by offering them a gift of money if they win the election.

“In other words, vote for me and get your congregations to vote for me and I will give you money, she said in her post on Facebook.

She believes this did not disgust the atheist or if it did, not enough to cause him to come out swinging against the church or the party making the offer.

Joseph went on to say that, since 2013, one of the central pillars of the country’s democratic system has been under attack by the government.

“That pillar is the Electoral Office,” she claimed.
The church through the ages has been the voice of the people, champions for justice and protectors of freedoms.

Joseph accused the church of remaining completely silent in the face of this onslaught on the electoral office.

Brenda Baptiste who wrote the post

“This has not disgusted the proclaimed atheist, or at least, not enough for him to speak out;” she wrote.

The female attorney also claimed that, a very senior Priest accepted a gift of $80,000.00 from a fraudster posing as a foreign investor.

“The transaction is facilitated by a senior politician. That does not disgust the atheist,” she also stated.
Joseph also addressed the issue surrounding gaming.

She said the church who all along voiced their objection to introducing casino gambling, sits by and remains completely mute while Parliament passed casino gambling law.

“The pastor in the Parliament rather than standing up for his beliefs, took a bathroom break when the vote on the law was taking place. Oh wait! The atheist was presiding over that sitting. And he said nothing. He apparently was not disgusted.” She said.

“So the Christian talk show host sees that this behaviour by the Church won’t be pleasing in the sight of God and he calls them out. Up jumps the atheist on his chest saying how disgusted he is with the Christian for calling out the church!” she added.

“So yeah Brenda Baptiste, let’s talk about this because clearly I’m missing something here,” she challenged.

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