Morne Jaloux Resident cries out for justice

Fingers are being pointed at the St. George’s South East Constituency that is being represented in Parliament by Works Minister, Gregory Bowen as conducting illegal work on a parcel of land belonging to an elderly citizen of Morne Jaloux without his permission.

Johnney Worme – crying out for justice

Johnney Worme informed The New Today Newspaper last week Tuesday that he has become the target of questionable practices by certain persons in the constituency.

He said that from since 2012, the St. George’s South East Constituency has sent without consultation debushing crews and road construction workers with material in an effort to create a public road on his private property which he has owned for over 38 years.

Worme provided this newspaper with a copy of a letter he wrote to the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Works, Jacinta Joseph and copied to Governor General, Dame Cecile La Grenade, and Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell over what he sees as something that was illegal and harmful.

According to the Morne Jaloux resident, he has received no response from anyone of them.

A letter sent to the authorities by Worme’s Attorney, Debroah Williams has also gone unanswered.

Worme said that about three weeks ago a “bulldozer” was sent on the land which dug a trench through the land with the purpose of constructing a bridge.

He believes that it is being politically motivated by the Works Minister.

The land owner has accused Minister Bowen of being influential in what is happening.

“Four years ago when Mr. Bowen lost the election, he told me personally he will do it and nobody can stop him… This is a political interference,” he claimed.

He said he has been living on the land which is registered as Liber Number 492/2005 in the Deeds and Land Registry of the State of Grenada in peace, quiet and unmolested.

“I will like the media to send out a strong message to the government, asking them to cease and desist,” he added.

Taxes due for this current tax year for the land amounts to $522.72.

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