GHTA partners with St. Augustine Medical Centre

Grenada’s Tourism Sector has received a major boost with the commissioning of the much needed Hyberbaric chamber at the St Augustine Medical Centre.

Tourism Officials and in particular the local Dive Industry are singing songs of praise for the facility after years of having to send affected divers out of the island for treatment.

The initiative was supported through a partnership of the Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association (GHTA).

Director of the association, Ian Dabreo speaking at a media tour last Thursday said the GHTA is excited to be a part of the initiative.

“We were excited when Dr. Amichi approached us especially since we have been working on our Tourism Enhancement Fund for over a year and Dr Amichi’s request enabled us to make our first major contribution as part of this fund”, he said.

“We were pleased to be a part of such much needed facility and we are happy we could assist in getting the Hyberbaric Chamber here” Dabreo told the media gathering.

Approximately EC $16,500 was donated by GHTA, through its Tourism Enhancement Fund to ship the Chamber to Grenada.

“As you know the Dive sector is very Important to our economy and we are very excited to finally have this facility in Grenada” Dabreo added.

The GHTA Director also reiterated the significance of the facility in boosting Grenada’s ability to market itself as a tourism destination.

Christine Finney of the Scuba Diving Association labelled the newly installed chamber as a huge advantage to the sector.

“It is something that every diving industry should be equipped with and it puts doctors and divers at ease within the Sector”, she said.

“It’s really exciting for everybody and represents a major security advantage”, she added.
According to Dr. Amichi, the hospital has been attempting to bring this to a reality for over four years.

Up to four persons can be simultaneously treated at the Chamber which is also equipped with a transfer chamber.

In underscoring its importance Dr. Amichi stressed that the facility can be used for a number of medical therapy’s including head tumours and for the treatment of chronic ulcers and gangerine.

The entire initiative has been undertaken to the tune of approximately $190, 000.00 dollars.

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