National Poultry Policy to rid G’da of excessive imports

As much as 90% of poultry consumed in Grenada is imported and in an effort to become fully self sufficient in local poultry, the Grenada Poultry Association has put together a policy to do just that.

Minister of Labour and Economic Development, Oliver Joseph announced this at the weekly post-Cabinet Briefing at the Ministerial Complex on Tuesday.

According to Minister Joseph, a national Poultry Policy was endorsed by Cabinet after it was presented by the Poultry Association.

He said the ruling New National Party (NNP) government is in full support of the document, which seeks to minimise on the amount of poultry being imported into the country.

“We are very happy as a government because you would recall as stated last year that 90% of our poultry meat is imported, only 10% of the market we have – 90% imported and we have to correct that because poultry can create jobs, can create a livelihood for people especially on the rural sector, if we get serious into poultry,” he added.

According to the senior government minister, the policy will cover a number of areas that will direct the course of action that will be taken.

“The Cabinet has decided to give the full backing to the National Poultry Policy so that we can see an increase in local poultry on the domestic market”, he said.

Minister Joseph also made brief passing remarks about recent concerns being expressed about bee products coming out of Brazil.

He said: “…And you know we get a lot of poultry – not only corned beef we get from Brazil, a lot of the poultry that we have here come from Brazil and local poultry of course is better and healthier for us to eat and we are looking forward to the development of the poultry sector”.

The minister indicated that the Poultry Association is seeking support from government through concessions and the use of trade instruments.

“The policy governs how the poultry sector will develop. The aim is, they think that in two, three years time they will control at least 40% of the market and they need government support in that matter and the plan is to eventually reach to the stage where they can take over the 90% and Grenada could be self sufficient”, he said.

Minister Joseph reiterated government’s full commitment and support to what is outlined in the policy document.

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