NAWASA Chairman: Be water conscious

As Grenada joined the rest of the world in observance of World Water Day on March 22nd, Grenadians were reminded of the importance of water conservation and its contribution to national growth and development.

Chairman of NAWASA Board of Directors Terrence Forrester

That was the message driven home by Chairman of the NAWASA Board of Directors, Terrence Forrester as he addressed those gathered at the NAWASA conference room for the launch of the 2017 activities to commemorate the day, which has also been dubbed Drink Water Day.

“We need to be conscious, ladies and gentlemen. The Bible speaks about man bringing upon himself his own destruction and so therefore we need to be conscious about how we use the resource that has been given to us by our God,” he said.

“Too many times we move around the country and we see careless individuals abusing our water, using it for all other purposes other than what it was intended for. Some even go to the lengths of putting chemicals in there because they want to catch a few fish destroying therefore, life itself, fish,” he added.

The NAWASA Chairman emphasised that “the sustainability of our resources is the responsibility of each and every one of us in this little island and I am happy therefore to say that NAWASA is helping to point the way in that direction so that we can sustain life…the good quality production of water because as we say over and over water is life.”

Forrester referenced what he described as “frightening” water conditions in other countries around the world.

This, he said is a clear message “to me that if we don’t maintain food (and) water security, we could end up in some serious problems…”.

“…I am a little bit worried, because if we go back in history and we remember the events of World War 2, we realise (that) boats weren’t coming to Grenada so (that means) you wouldn’t be getting food and it means therefore that we will not be getting chlorine. So let us pay very close attention to maintaining and continuing to preserve our water resource”, he remarked.

Activities planned for this year’s observance of World Water Day include a poetry competition organised by the T. A. Marryshow Community College (TAMCC), a ‘recycle for change’ model competition’ geared to depict how waste water can be transformed into a usable supply, which will culminate with a science fair or exhibition.

According to Public Relations Officer at NAWASA, Jamila Lewis, the competition is open to primary, secondary and tertiary institutions.

Lewis explained that interested schools will have to submit their model concept to NAWASA, outlining exactly how they intend to bring the aim of their project to light, by 12 noon on May 31.

She said that “the models must be an original piece (and) must be completed by September 30 in time for judging during International Water Week the first week in October.”

The winner of the competition will walk away with the $2, 000 prize, while the 2nd place winner, $1, 500 and 3rd place, $1, 000.

The 2017 World Water Day was recognised under the theme “Why Waste Water.”

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