LIAT is back to regular scheduling with Grenada

Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Dr. Clarice Modeste-Curwen has assured Parliament that Grenadians can expect additional service in the coming weeks from the Caribbean’s only regional air carrier, LIAT.

Dr. Clarice Modeste-Curwen – Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation

Addressing a sitting of Parliament last week, the Minister announced that Liat will be restoring two flights that were cut from the Grenada itinerary in 2016.

She said the cut in LIAT flights had severely affected mainly persons travelling to Barbados to seek visas at the U.S Embassy.

“This was a serious blow to all persons intending to travel to Barbados, for us locals intending to travel but also it affected connectivity, for tourists and other visitors or persons who wanted to travel for whatever other reasons. So, from then Mr. Speaker we had to continue to work with the Airlift committee to seek to remedy that situation,” Dr. Modeste-Curwen told Parliament.

She reported that “healthy discussions” were held with the new CEO of LIAT to get “these positive responses” for an increase in flights to the Maurice Bishop International Airport (MBIA).

“There is a new CEO on board and we have had some very, very fruitful and rewarding talks and Mr. Speaker Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique would have heard the announcement in very recent times of LIAT add(ing) back some of the flights.

“(The) two key ones, which is the 308 in the morning to Barbados and also a midday flight which is the LIAT 727 that will come to Grenada and turn around and take persons back to Barbados.

According to Minister Modeste-Curwen, one of the ways that Grenada will assist LIAT to efficiently carry out its services to the island will be to improve the IT services at MBIA for efficient communication.

The process with LIAT, she said, does not stop there.

“We continue to implore upon LIAT to be more timely and predictable in their departures and in their arrivals so that persons will not (be) unduly affected or negatively affected by certain changes that can be very prolonged,” she said.

The minister also spoke about negotiations that are ongoing with Air Canada.

“We should be aware that there are some months, the months of September and October, Air Canada does not come to Grenada. We have been speaking to them about decreased flights during the other months especially coming around the carnival time because it has proven to be a challenge for us to get connectivity for visitors who want to come to Grenada in that period of time,” she remarked.

“They have committed to implementing the September and October flight but they are considering something for the summer and we are looking for something more…so probably this year we can expect year round flights from Canada to Grenada,” she said.

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