GBSS wins 12th Annual SGU Knowledge Bowl

Affectionately called the battle between the “Brothers and Sisters of Tanteen”, the 12th Season of the SGU Knowledge Bowl concluded with an exciting showdown between the Grenada Boys Secondary School (GBSS) and the Anglican High School (AHS).

The GBSS boys were winners in the SGU-sponsored Knowledge Bowl

Facing each other for the 2nd time in the history of the competition, the all-boys ensemble of GBSS sought to redeem themselves after their loss in 2008 at the hands of their neighboring rivals.

The final match was held at SGU’s Charter Hall on April 1 – and not only did the boys get their redemption they also scored 67 points – achieving an all time high score for the tournament.

The title was held previously by Westmorland Secondary School with a score of 65 points in their 2011 victory.

Throughout the entire season GBSS had not lost a single match and with this win they earned their 2nd championship since winning Season 2 of the SGU Knowledge Bowl a decade ago.

“We are so very proud of our students. They’ve done an excellent job especially being undefeated all season and really living up to our school motto: Non Palma Sine Labore (No Reward Without Labour),” said Coach Korrine Hobson-Mitchell. “They put in the hard work and are now reaping the rewards.”

For their school, the GBSS team was presented with the coveted Knowledge Bowl Challenge trophy and awarded $15,000 from SGU.

Additionally, each of the five team members – Bjorn Bubb, Tyler John, Darrell Simon, Rich Charles, and Azam Edwards – received a laptop and six months complimentary broadband service from FLOW, along with their choice of $500 in a Super Starter or Honey Bee account from Grenada Co-operative Bank, a certificate of distinction and a supply of Ribena.

The coaches of the winning team were awarded a tablet and six months complimentary broadband service from FLOW, and $500 credited to a Grenada Co-operative Bank account.

According to GBSS principal, Phillip Thomas, by winning the SGU Knowledge Bowl competition it will serve as both a huge motivator to the other students of his school as well as to propel his team to many more successes in the future.

He touted GBSS as an outstanding all-round school that excels at both academics and athletics.

This was the second year the double-elimination format was utilised requiring that a team must lose twice in order to be removed from the tournament.

Teams now have 2 chances to make it to the finals. This season also welcomed newcomers J.W. Fletcher Catholic Secondary School, which did not advance in the competition, but received an honorable mention.

“By participating in this competition, I feel we got a bit of first-hand knowledge of what to expect when doing our CSEC exams. The same type of pressure we experienced here today is most likely what it will feel like during our final exams. Having gone through this process will definitely help us be more prepared and better able to handle the pressure of exams,” commented GBSS student, Rich Charles.

“As for my fellow teammates, we were always a group of close friends but working so closely together, all those long days and nights made us even stronger brothers than we already were.”

SGU Knowledge Bowl continues to encourage and promote friendly competition between Grenada’s secondary schools maintaining its title as the “Intercol of Academia.”

While SGU and Flow are the primary sponsors of the event, the corporate support of the Grenada Co-operative Bank, George F. Huggins, and Glenelg Spring Water has been integral to its success and stands as testimony to their commitment to community development.

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