Former Senate President endorses Burke

Former President of the Senate, Joan Purcell has endorsed the Political Leader of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Nazim Burke as the best person to become the next Prime Minister of Grenada.

Purcell, a one-time Political Leader of  NDC, said Sen. Burke has provided leadership in the St. George North-east constituency which he lost in the 2013 general election to Tobias Clement of the ruling New National Party (NNP).

She made the statement while addressing Congress supporters at a public meeting at Belle Vue Junction last week Wednesday night.

The former minister in the 1990-95 Congress government of late Prime Minister Sir Nicholas Brathwaite spoke of leadership being in crisis in Grenada with there being few leaders of integrity and capability.

“Countries have to put up with people who are either manipulative, corrupt, deceitful or dunce. But today I can say the National Democratic Congress is very, very privileged to have as a leader V. Nazim Burke,” she said.

Purcell told the gathering they have a responsibility as citizens of Grenada to choose leaders of character and integrity who can do the work.

“Grenada will never go forward unless it has a government of character and competence… and the National Democratic Congress has that responsibility,” she said.

Sen. Burke had won the seat in the 2003 and 2008 poll until he lost it to Clement.

According to Purcell, Sen. Burke is the only person she knows can give the best representation in St. George’s North-east.

“For me, it is always a privilege to speak on behalf of my brother, Nazim Burke who is the Political Leader of the National Democratic Congress, a Congress which I saw and helped to give birth to,” she said.

The former NDC Political Leader said Congress has remained faithful to the cause of the State of Grenada, and it needs people who are faithful to the cause.

“We need people who are loyal, and dependable. We need people who are competent, who understand the issues, who can articulate the issues, and who can identify with the people, and this is what I am proud about my brother,” she said.

The NDC is currently preparing for the battle against PM Mitchell and NNP in the next general election widely expected to be called some time between May and June.

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