In relation to the news of investigations by Federal Police of Brazil concerning the meat producers and the meet industry on the whole in the country it is important to provide attention the following understanding:

President Michel Temer convened a ministerial meeting over the weekend with Brazilian authorities and the leadership from major trade associations, in order to assess the safety of national and international consumers with regard to the quality of the meat produced in the country (copy of the mentioned President statement is enclosed);

There are 21 companies under investigation by the Brazilian Federal Police and only 6 have exported products within the last 60 days. The Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture has a rigorous inspection service for animal products with continuous and permanent auditing, monitoring and risk assessment;

The Brazilian Government has decided to speed up the audit process in the 21 establishments cited in the Federal Police investigation. Three of these establishments have already been suspended and all 21 will be placed under special inspection regime conducted by a specific task force of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply (MAPA);

The investigation of the Federal Police was not part of an agriculture and livestock defense system in place but it was directed towards a few conduct deviations;

Brazil has 4,837 establishments which produce meat products. Important to observe that only 21 (0.2% of the total) are alleged to have been involved in irregularities, and of the over 11,000 employees in the agricultural inspection system, only 33 (0, 3%) are being investigated by the Federal Police for possible irregularities. In this regard, 99.8% of the registered companies and 99.7% of inspectors are not involved in the allegations under investigations;

Foreign embassies in Brasilia were assured that all exporting plants remain open to inspections by importing countries and to the monitoring of activities under the national control system, one of the most respected in the world;

The recognized high standards of excellence opened the doors of Brazilian meat to over 150 countries, with permanent auditing, monitoring and risk assessment. In 2016, more than 853,000 items of products of animal origin from Brazil were sent to foreign markets and only 184 were considered, by importers, out of compliance, often because of non-sanitary issues, such as labelling and completion of certificates;

The Government of Brazil reassures its confidence in the quality of the national product, which has been, in the course of years, traditionally approved by consumers in highly demanding markets around the world in terms of inspection service for products of animal origin.

The Embassy of Brazil in Grenada avails itself the opportunity to thank you for your kind attention to the above notice and informs that it will remain available for updates and further information.




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