The Church and Education

Intense discussions are taking place over the future of the St. Andrew’s Anglican School in Grenville.

Head of the Anglican Church in Grenada, Archdeacon Christian Glasgow who made the revelation disclosed that the issue of the status of the school is under consideration.

The clergyman told a radio and television programme that there is ongoing discussions about the relocation or location for the school building as funds have already been made available for the construction of the school.

“There are lots of voices making noises that I am not quite ok with all the facts,” he said.

The Anglican Archdeacon also addressed the role of the Church in education.

There are claims in certain quarters that since the State finances the operations of schools on the island then the Church has no business in the functioning of the schools.

Archdeacon Glasgow said that history will show that in Grenada, the Church has always been in the forefront of education in the nation.

He acknowledged that the Church is in partnership with the State as it does not have all of the resources except for properties, but government has the resources.

“We come to the partnership with properties, government comes to the partnership with the curriculum and finances,” he said.

According to Archdeacon Glasgow, the role of the Anglican Church in education is not education “Anglicans.”

“It was about liberating people by educating them, and whatever your background might have been or not to be the main point. The main point is meeting a human need by offering education to liberate people,” he remarked.

The Archdeacon explained that the Anglican Church has hired non-Anglican Teachers, and is also admitting non-Anglican students.

He said that the Anglican High School for which he is the manager, there are a number of students there including Muslims who are not “Anglicans.”

However, he was quick to add that there is an understanding of what is expected at the school.

He went on to say some concessions have been made for the Muslims with regards to their head dress as part of their religious clothing.

Archdeacon Glasgow stressed that religion is not taught at Religious Education classes, but Christianity in general.

“Religious tollerism is different now than back them,” he said.

Spokesman for the Roman Catholic Church, Fr. Sean Doggett who was also one of the guests on the programme indicated that most of the primary schools in Grenada would have originally been started by the Church.

Fr. Sean noted that the oldest girls’ secondary school which started back in the 1800’s by the Roman Catholic Church is St. Joseph’s Convent, St. George’s.

He said the Ministry of the Church has always been the promotion of education for the purpose of enabling people to grow and develop their God-given gifts and talents.

The Roman Catholic Spokesman said there is always the feelings that the Catholic Schools should merely serve “Catholics.”

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