Mirabeau Abattoir ready for use

With the completion of the Mirabeau Abattoir, the government has conducted its first slaughter last Wednesday as a test run to the new refurbished facility.

This was announced by Minister of Works, Gregory Bowen at the weekly post-Cabinet Briefing last week Tuesday at the Ministerial Complex at the Botanical Gardens.

He told reporters that many changes were made to the abattoir to ensure that it meets international standards and that this will be the place where all slaughtering of animals will be taking place.

“The chimney was vibrating and knocking and nobody could have remained there. Now we have changed the entire chimney. We have done significant repairs and cleaners are on sight following instructions from the Ministry of Health, he said.

“…They have cleaned out the place and when we do this first test, the Ministry of Agriculture will take over in full and they have already trained butchers to do the slaughtering and now we can implement that there (will) be no more slaughtering in any other place”, he added.

According to Bowen the butchers will be mandated to slaughter their animals “in the particular abattoir and carry the meats to the various distribution points”.

He spoke of “specific trucks” that will be on hand to transport the meats.

In addition, he said the St. George’s abattoir will be temporarily housed in a container while it is being refurbished.

“We will hang the meats in slabs in the trucks and you will bring it to the various points. We are working too on the abattoir temporary position in St. George where (the) House of Lords (is) by Griffith.

“You will see a container and we are putting the necessary tools in place. So, that is where you would be selling the meat as we repair the abattoir. Remember you will no longer be butchering in the abattoir. We are butchering in Mirabeau and carry it down to St, George, to St. John etc.

Minister Bowen sought to assure the public that there will be “humane slaughtering” done at the Abattoir and putting in place of a sanitary indication requirement.

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