Accreditation process of SGU Arts and Science Programmes begins

St. George’s University (SGU) has been operating in Grenada, serving students, locally, regionally and internationally for 40 years.

With the School of Medicine at St. George’s University (SGU) being fully accredited, moves have been made by government to have the School of Arts and Science receive the same recognition.

According to Minister of State in the Ministry of Education, Sen. Simon Stiell, the process has already been started.

Addressing reporters at the weekly post-Cabinet Press Briefing held at the Ministerial Complex, Sen. Stiell said Cabinet has approved the operationalisation of the accreditation secretariat which is directed by Pauline Findlay.

He said that a Quality Assurance officer and an Admin Assistant will be hired to help out with the work that is needed.

He also announced that technical assistance is needed to complete the task of accreditation of SGU.

“The board itself has effectively started the process of accrediting St. George’s University but has now gotten to a point where the volume of work has to now go beyond just the board and it requires that technical assistance to complete that process and then we start the process with TAMCC”, he said.

“…The Medical school is already internationally accredited but the School of Arts and Science where many Grenadians study will also undergo accreditation which will provide them with easier access to other educational institutions outside of Grenada on graduation,” he added.

According to the government minister, former students of SGU will also be recognised after the accreditation process is completed.

“What we are looking at is institutional accreditation. So what previous graduating students would be able to show is that their degree, their qualifications have come from an accredited institution…that’s a significant piece. So, it would not be retroactive but what it will demonstrate is as I said those qualifications will be recognised internationally.

“…There are bilateral discussions with specific universities, whether that’s in the US, Europe or elsewhere in terms of ensuring that students graduating from SGU and even TAMCC; that their work, their qualifications are recognised but this institutional accreditation, what that will be achieved, is instead of doing it case by case, it will be done as an umbrella coverage.

Sen. Stiell also disclosed that work will start on the accreditation of specific programmes at TAMCC to afford local students the opportunities and easier access to continue their studies outside of the country.

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