Repeated housebreaker and stealing offender gets 3 years in prison

A 32-year-old Westerhall, St. David resident has received a 3-year sentence after pleading guilty to a summary offence of stealing on Monday at the St. George’s No.1 Magistrate’s Court.

32-year-old Dwayne Mapson gets custodial sentence for stealing

Dwayne Mapson, also known as ‘Free,’ who was wanted by police for questioning in relation to the offences of house breaking, stealing and causing harm, turned himself in last week Friday (March 17), 4 days after the Community Relations Department of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) issued a wanted man bulletin in his name on March 13.

Mapson was charged with housebreaking and stealing a total of EC$5, 602, (USD 600 and ECD1, 602) from the home of a Woodlands, St. George
resident on March 8 and causing harm in another incident, dating back to November 2016.

When the matter came up before Chief Magistrate Tamara Gill on Monday, Mapson pleaded guilty to the charge of stealing only and offered a not guilty plea for the charges of housebreaking and causing harm.

Mapson, who did not retain counsel, told the court that on the day the monies were stolen, one of his friends had checked him and they “went on a shot,” which eventually resulted in the other individual unlawfully entering into the home of the victim and stealing the monies.

He told the court that after committing the crime, “we went to his (the friend’s) house…he (the friend) counted the money, he took some and he gave me some”.

The accused offered an apology to the victim who is a businessman and for the distress that his actions would have caused him.

Mapson requested the court’s assistance in helping him to get his act together.

“I know I could do better…I want to do something constructive with my life,” he told the Chief Magistrate.

Monday’s hearing revealed that a total of EC$1, 000 and US$435 were recovered from Mapson’s home at Westerhall.

The Chief Magistrate took the decision to have the funds restituted to the individual it was stolen from.

In considering what sentence should be handed down, Magistrate Gill referenced Mapson’s rap sheet, which has a total of 18 convictions, 14 being crimes of the same nature.

She noted that the first conviction recorded against the accused was in 2006, where he was fined $500 for a similar offence, and his last conviction was in October 2015, for which he received a 4-year sentence.

It is understood that Mapson, who is supposed to be in jail serving the 4-year sentence, has appealed the sentence before the Court of Appeal, and was granted bail pending the outcome of the appeal.

He told the court that the matter is expected to be heard by the Court of Appeal, when it sits on the island for one week in April.

The Chief Magistrate decided to adjourn the causing harm matter against Mapson to next week Monday (March 27) and she issued a summons for the complainant in that matter to attend court.

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