Murder in Sanko

“I am not going to help him”.

Glen “Brass” Baptiste who was allegedly killed by his nephew

Those were the words uttered Monday night by a visible shaken Matthew Baptiste, the father of 23-year-old, Phillip Baptiste who is facing a non-capital murder charge for killing his uncle on Sunday night in the tiny village of Sanko in the Boca area.

Dead is 55-year-old Glen “Brass” Baptiste who allegedly received a fatal blow to the back of his head with a bottle.

The father said he was saddened that his own son will kill his brother who was also the uncle of the accused.

Speaking to THE NEW TODAY at the family home, Matthew said he did not know what exactly caused the altercation between the two but if he was around the incident would not have happened.

He spoke of his own son being problematic due to the constant smoking of ganja and heavy alcohol drinking.

He vowed not to give support to the accused since he had spent moneyon him to attend school and he disappointed him.

“I used to give him $20.00 every day to go to NEWLO and instead of going to school, he used to go in town and drink out the money he and his friends”, he said.

Like the father, Gladys Baptiste, the grandmother of Phillip, indicated that he was often giving trouble.

Boca resident Phillip Baptiste arrested and charged for the death of his uncle

She said the father of Phillip who is her son was forced to put him out of the house on three occasions due to bad behaviour but he kept coming back.

She said she did not know exactly what happened on the fatal night but a fellow villager called out to her to go down the road by a nearby shop since “Brass” was killed.

Family members and villagers described the deceased as one who was helpful to other residents.

One member said that “Brass” was the person that the persons in the village who were into basket making will turn towards to go into the mountain and bring down bamboo for them to ply their trade.

According to the brother, he would normally charge $20 to $40.00 depending on the amount of bamboo and would use his payment on drinks in the village rum shop.

He said that ‘Brass” would get “high” and exchange words with others in the rum shop but did not mean no harm to anyone.

‘Ah really don’t know what he (my son) would have killed him for. He didn’t have to kill him”, he remarked.

Phillip, who was described as a labourer by profession, made his first court appearance on Tuesday unrepresented at the St. George’s No.1 Magistrate’s Court before Chief Magistrate Tamara Gill.

She informed him that family members have indicated to the court their intention to secure legal representation for him.

The Chief Magistrate told the accused that under the circumstances and due to the seriousness of the charge the court is not obliged to grant him bail.

Baptiste has been remanded to the Richmond Hill Prisons until his next court date scheduled for April 10.

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