Dr. Mitchell: We have a flawless CBI Programme

Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Dr. Keith Mitchell has finally broken his silence on the dispute between two non-nationals on the US$1 million saga linked to the Citizenship By Investment (CBI) programme.

Dr. Mitchell who was a guest on his New National Party (NNP) mid-morning talk show programme last week said that so far his government can boast that the programme is “flawless”.

He told the host that the checks and balances put in for the programme have caught the eyes regionally and internationally.

“In fact, it is because of the level of checks in the system, the person who is now suing to get back his money from one of the persons associated with the project he is suing, was rejected by us because of the significance of our checks,” he said.

Prime Minister Mitchell was clearly referring to American-born businessman, Roger Ver who claims to have been defrauded of one million United States Dollars from one of the CBI agents, Robert Martin Oveson of the Nevis-based NTL Trust for a Grenada passport.

Ver has made an official complaint to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) over the alleged fraudulent act of Oveson.

The Tokyo-based businessman has also filed a civil suit in the local high court through Ciboney Chambers in an effort to recover his money.

Dr. Mitchell said instead of the critics to the Grenada CBI Programme praising the checks put in by government, “they are cursing,” and the same man they are cursing in support of for suing, is the same man who has a criminal background.

THE NEW TODAY has also unearth information that CBI Agent Oveson has a criminal conviction dating back to 2013 in the State of Utah in the United States.

Oveson has also been fingered by U.S and Canadian investors of duping them of thousands of dollars on a Condo and Housing project in Manzanillo, Mexico in 2008.

Ver has publicly admitted that he served ten months in a United States Federal prison for selling firecrackers that are used by farmers on Ebay without a permit.

The businessman has been calling on the Mitchell government to remove Oveson’s NTL Trust company from its website as an approved CBI agent pending the outcome of the missing US$1 million issue.

Ver has expressed disappointment with PM Mitchell for taking part in the November 9, 2016 sod turning of the Levera project that was being promoted at the time by Oveson and his elder brother, Randall.

Prior to the launch, Ver had a letter hand delivered to the Office of the Prime Minister outlining the fraud that was allegedly perpetuated against him by Oveson.

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