CCG given harsh tongue-lashing

The Conference of Churches in Grenada (CCG) has come in for a barrage of criticisms regarding its statement released to the local media over talk show programmes.

Kem Jones – under fire for statements made about CCG

In the statement, the CCG felt that sometimes the topics chosen for discussion are dealt with in a misleading way, and that the hosts of the programmes should not allow callers to be abusive.

One of the most popular talk show host, Kem Jones who was highly critical of the statement felt that the men of the cloth are acting as “conversational prostitutes.”

Jones described members of the church grouping as “convenient speakers” who fail to address the social ills and other important matters of the country, and accused them of having a sinister motive when it comes to some of the burning issues on the island.

He spoke of wanting to hear the clergymen speak up on the issue of unemployment among the young people, the high cost of living that the ordinary Grenadian continues to experience, and the number of taxes in the country.

“They are not opening their big mouths on the issue of the Parliamentary Elections Office, the incestuous appointment by the Governor General where our democracy is now threatened, where a free and fair elections is not guaranteed anymore.

“They are not speaking about the fact that public servants are clamouring for better wages, and at the same time the government froze the salaries of public servants, and gave to the Press Secretary (Kisha Alexander Grant) an increase of $12,000,” he said.

Jones belted a severe tongue-lashing on the group of Clergy officials stating that they only speak when their cause can be advanced.

Without calling name, the talk show host accused one of the prominent members of the CCG of receiving funds from the controversial Charles Liu for the construction of a church and basketball court that was damaged during the passage of Hurricane Ivan in September 2004.

During a government Town Hall meeting at Vendome, St. George’s almost two years ago, Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell disclosed that an investor had come forward to provide funding for the construction of a basketball court and the Roman Catholic Church in the area.

According to Jones, the CCG “is nothing more than a puppet of the Keith Mitchell-lead Administration”.

He said he believes the members of the conference are political activists operating under the disguise of being a part of the Church.

The talk show host indicated that he will continue educating, motivating, enlightening, and having frank conversations on his programmes.

Jones hosts two programmes every day of the week.

The talk show host has often expressed support for the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) but insist that he is an independent person and not under the control of anyone.

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