Labour Senator asks questions about Robert Martin Oveson

Labour Senator Ray Roberts has submitted to the Clerk of Parliament two questions for the Leader of Government Business for answers at the next meeting of the Senate.

The questions pertain to American Robert Martin, who according to the Government’s Website is an agent for the Citizenship by Investment and Levera Hotel Investor.

The other question for the Leader of Government Business is to ascertain from the Electoral Office its readiness for upcoming General Elections in light of the replacement of eight returning officers.

Question One

Allegations of wrong doing in Mexico and Utah in the USA have featured prominently in the local and international media regarding one Robert Martin who is an investor in the Levera Hotel project and also an agent of the Citizenship by Investment, will the Leader of Government
Business inform the Senate:

(1) Whether or not “Robert Martin” is the same person as “Robert Martin Oveson?”

(2)  Is he an American Citizen?

(3)  Which of his two names did the FIU conducted its due diligence – Robert Martin or Robert Martin Oveson?

(4)  Has the Grenada Government investigated the many allegations in the media and if so are they true?

(5) Having investigated the allegations does the Government still have confidence in Mr. Martin’s ability to market the CBI programme?

(6) How many CBI clients did Government approve from among the clients recommended by  Mr. Martin’s company?

(7)  Based on the criminal record associated with Robert Martin Oveson, has the Government investigated the source of his funding for the Levera project?

(8) Has the U.S.A. or Interpol made any request for the extradition of Mr. Robert Martin Oveson and if so will the Government honor it?

Question 2

(1)   Will the Leader of Government business ascertain from the Parliamentary Electoral Office the state of readiness of his office and staff if a General Election is called at this time?

(2) With some of the most experienced officers at the Electoral
Office being replaced, what immediate programme of training is in place to ensure the competence of the new workers?

(3)  What measures are being taken by the Supervisor of Elections to assure the nation and the wider community that the integrity of the institution is sound and is beyond reproach?

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