Romanians charged with Money Laundering

Three Romanians have allegedly been caught with about EC $45,345 and US $9,502 in their possession by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU).

Cristian Cluforeanu – EC$15,000 and US $102.00 were found in his possession

The three – Costel Viorel Gaina, 34, Cristian Cluforeanu, 26, and Gabriel Alexel Dutu, 42 years old – appeared at the St. George’s No.1 Magistrate’s Court last week Wednesday on charges of money laundering.

The accused persons who came into the country in January as visitors were arrested and charged by the FIU after they conducted a search warrant at an apartment in Belmont where the foreigners were residing.

The FIU team of investigators was able to confiscate a quantity of cash in both United States and Eastern Caribbean currencies, along with a number of computers, communication devices and accessories.

During their court appearance, Chief Magistrate, Her Honour, Tamara Gill looked at the individual sum of money each of the Romanians allegedly had in their possession.

Giana allegedly had EC$ 1,700, US$6,900, Dutu EC$28,645, and US $102.00, and Cluforeanu was found with EC $15,000, and US $2,500.

A source close to the investigators told THE NEW TODAY newspaper that the suspects were able to use “dummy bank cards” to source money from a number of accounts from one of the local commercial banks.

The source who did not wish to be identified said the Romanians had made regular visits to Grenada to conduct their own surveillance on how they can work out the alleged scheme.

Romanians Gabriel Alexel Dutu & Costel Viorel Gaina – facing charges of money laundering

Defense Counsel Peter David who is representing all three accused men called on the Prosecution to move expeditiously in providing him with disclosure of the case.

David requested a speedy trial for his clients, and asked the court to provide a translator as only Cluforeanu can speak “a little English.”

The Romanians who were placed on remand at the Richmond Hill Prisons by Magistrate Gill were due back in court yesterday (Thursday, March 9th).

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