New Tourist attractions and sites for visitors

Tourism and Civil Aviation Minister, Dr. Clarice Modeste-Curwen has announced that a number of new attractions are now available on the island for visitors.

One of the newest attraction site

Speaking to reporters at the weekly post-Cabinet press briefing, Minister Modeste-Curwen said Grenada needs new attractions in order to offer something new and exciting to guests.

She praised those private sector concerns that heeded the call and made investments in new attractions as over the years Grenada has been offering the same attractions.

“To bring people to our islands we must continually refresh our attractions and we must create new ones otherwise they get tired”, she said.

According to the minister, there are people who have been visiting the island for the past 20 plus years and are tied of seeing the same attractions like Grand Etang Lake and the Annandale waterfalls.

“…I met with the taxi association recently and they were saying to me the same thing. They have people who have been coming here year after year for a number of years and they are saying where do I go now…I’ve seen Grand Etang, I have seen Annandale etc. and we need something new,” she said.

Dr. Modeste-Curwen made mention of a number of new attractions for visitors to Grenada to enjoy involving private sector concerns.

“There is the Calypso Island and that is one on the Western side…it’s a little island on the sea, very tiny but it packs a very powerful attraction. The persons who have visited there, I have spoken to some of them and they are in high praise.

“We also have the Sun Hunters Buggy Ride that takes people out of the routine route like up the Western side, up the Eastern side or wherever and they go through the woods and through the bushes and the tourists really love that.

The senior government minister stressed that tourists are no longer people interested in engaging in “the standard norm” like the sea and the sand and taking the regular bus routes up the western side and stopping at a few places.

According to Dr. Modeste-Curwen, the typical visitor now wants “to have a little rough ride, they want to go up the mountain side…they want to do things like that”.

“So the Buggy Ride has really taken off – the reviews are excellent and I want to commend those who have come up with this excellent idea,” she said.

The minister also spoke highly of the recently launched Bowling Alley known as Lavo Lanes and the Seven Sisters High Wire project as added attractions for visitors.

She said that some of her own family members who came in from Canada and the United States visited Lavo Lanes “and they are saying that even in those countries they have not seen a facility of this standard”.

Referring to the Seven Sisters Highwire Project as a sort of zip line, Dr. Modeste-Curwen announced that the Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) is planning to visit the site soon to look at the standards.

She also said that government is looking at a Public/ Private Partnership to manage four attractions under government’s control – Grand Etang, Annandale, and Forts Matthew and George.

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