SGU scholarships to be named after local Pediatrician

Five scholarships to be awarded by St. George’s University (SGU) will be named after one of its past students, Dr. Beverly Nelson.

Dr. Beverly Nelson honoured by St. George’s University

This was announced by Chancellor of the University, Charles Modica at a ceremony on the grounds of SGU at True Blue.

The Queen recently awarded Dr. Nelson who is a Pediatrician medical doctor.

In receiving the honour of Commander of the British Empire, she wrote to the Chancellor of SGU, tracing her humble beginnings and praising the University for granting her the scholarship many years ago.

The scholarship, she said allowed her to excel in her field and become the person she is today.

According to Modica, the letter was read by the University’s trustees and propelled them to honour her by giving five scholarships in her name.

“It (the letter) inspired me and all of our trustees today to want to name five of our scholarships to the School of Medicine every year in her name – Commander Dr. Beverley Nelson scholarship.

Dr. Nelson told reporters that the award from SGU humbles her.

“I am humbled but I am very proud to be standing here a Grenadian, a Commander of the British Empire and now having scholarships at my institution of learning being named after…there is nothing more amazing than that to me,” she remarked.

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell who was present took the opportunity to congratulate Dr. Nelson on her recognition and for staying in Grenada and giving back to the local community.

“…She stayed here and made sacrifices.  She unlike many others did not look back one day and went into better fields. She has done it, stayed on the ground and gives tremendous service to the children of the country through the patriotic service that she gives to children as a Pediatrician.

“…I want to compliment the University for naming five medical scholarships every year…five scholarships in her name is an excellent thing.

Dr. Nelson has her local office on St. John’s Street in St. George’s.

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