NDC responds to TV attack

Following the blatant and undemocratic action of the failing NNP Administration in the politically motivated and arbitrary firing of the Registration Officers; the National Democratic Congress (NDC) condemns in the strongest possible terms an advertisement aired on both the Grenada Broadcasting Network and on MTV Channel 7.

This misleading message, seeking to blame the backlash received by the Mitchell government from the Grenadian people, is contrived and erroneous in respect of the referendum position supposedly taken by the NDC.

The party is confident that this malicious attack emanated from the camp of a very desperate NNP government or its surrogates.

The NDC wishes to assure the nation that it will not sit by and allow the NNP led by Dr. Keith Mitchell to rape our democracy and put us on a path of a crawling peg dictatorship in the governance of our nation.

It is a well-known fact that throughout his political career Mitchell has shown himself to be a liar, political victimiser, and a leader who demonstrates a marked lack of respect for the democratic institutions and peoples of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

We are also aware, that having placed his personal endorsement on the recent referendum, the bitter and overwhelming defeat has left him reeling and now he has become a desperate man with nowhere to hide.

What is unfortunate and painful is that otherwise hardworking public service professionals are now paying the price for his revenge and desperation. Today it is them, tomorrow it could be you!

We must take action to protect them, fight for them and restore them!

The NDC has always taken seriously its role as a champion for democracy, defender of the hardworking, poor and the middle class, and will not allow Grenadians to be victimised.

The time has come to stop Mitchell and his cabal before they bring us all to irreparable shame!

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