The promises made by controversial Oveson to Levera

Less than two months after being introduced as the man to transform the north of the island and especially the Levera area, controversial U.S investor Robert Martin also known as Robert Martin Oveson has disappeared from the Spice Isle.

THE NEW TODAY has been able to report exclusively on the checkered past of Oveson who is accused of fraud in connection with a failed Condo and Housing unit project in Mexico in 2008.

Oveson also has a criminal conviction in the State of Utah in the United States on charges of Assault, Burglary and Domestic Violence in the presence of a child.

With the publication of these damaging reports, Oveson has apparently dropped out of sight with the Levera development project in St. Patrick.

His brother – Randall Oveson – is the person now being billed as the major figure in Levera.

However, THE NEW TODAY was able to obtain the transcript of the speech delivered in November by Robert Martin Oveson in the presence of a host of government officials including Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell to sell the Levera project.

Oveson was speaking in his capacity as Managing Director of NTL Trust, the Nevis-based company that is authorised to market the sale of Grenadian passports.

He promised to construct 12 to 16 cottages at Levera within a matter of months.

As a public service, THE NEW TODAY brings highlight of the speech that was delivered by Oveson who has allegedly dropped out of sight from the Levera project.

“This project is here to bring employment and to help bring a strong economic north of the island. So many times we have the jobs to the south, we have the economic opportunities to the south and Levera will be a great opportunity for many individuals to stay and work closer to home, closer to their families.

For those of you that know me and for those of you that will get to know me, I love the beach. My earliest memories are on the beaches of Mexico, walking around as a small child. Since then, I have spent decades of my life searching the world for the best beaches. I have been in Latin America, South America, Asia, Europe, the Mediterranean. I’m always looking for the best beaches. I have found some of the best beaches in the world but when you visit beaches and the ocean is such an integral part of your life, you aren’t amazed by many beaches.

Three and a half years ago, I had the opportunity to visit Grenada for the first time. I was in St George’s and Grand Anse has a wonderful beach; spectacular and I said wow, this island is great, friendly people, everywhere you look was beauty and I said there’s got to be another beach that I need to find. So I got a car and start driving round the island – started on the south, worked up the Atlantic side, going up beach to beach.

It was late in the afternoon and I looked on the map and it was a little bit too far for me to go to Levera but it looks like a good place to go. I drove up a pothole dirt road, walked out to a plank and looked out right before the sun went down – spectacular colours, a sense of magic came over me; this is a very special place and for those who know Levera and the national park it is an incredible environment, unique to the Caribbean, unique to the world, the turtles nesting as some of the most important in all of the Caribbean and in all of the world.

Development is often associated with destruction of nature but we believe that you can conserve through smart development and taking care of the environment here in Levera is the number one priority of the project, of the Levera Beach Resort Project.

Most buildings in Levera will be set back at least 300 ft but the majority of them 700 ft plus; we are going to give plenty of room for the beach to remain a beach. The exterior lighting for the whole resort will be red. This helps the turtles, it doesn’t scare them away but also helps us as humans.

White lights affect our eyes in such a way we can’t see the skies and if you ever had the opportunity to look up at the night skies in Grenada, they’re some of the clearest in the world. With the white lights, the turtles can continue to nest here in the beach and the humans would be able to enjoy the nature and to enjoy the nature and enjoy our surroundings.

Levera Beach Resort looks forward to working with various government agencies to protect the environment.

The pond is a national treasure and building so close to it, we need to be able to protect it so that many generations to come will be able to come to Levera and to see it in its natural state.

We’re lucky to have found investors who also share the same belief…when we’re developing this special place, remember one rule is not to mash it up, conservation through smart development and our goal is to put you on the beach, you will not see construction, you would not see development, and the goal is that in 30 years, 100 years, 300 years, our children, our grand children, our great grand children will be able to come to Levera and enjoy it in its natural state.

I know there is a lot of skepticism to go with the Levera project. I am not going to hide from that – the project has started a few times before.

We have already started the project, we have over 10 workers working close to a year cleaning the project, we have cut new roads, we are already cutting the foundation site pads for the first fourteen cottages.

If it wouldn’t have been for the rainstorm, which is a blessing, we would be having this event on top of a construction foundation pad that we are working on. Construction will move forward once we start.

The plan is to have the first 14 cottages and beach club opened within the next 12 to 16 months.

This first section is fully funded from the investors – although we have structured the project to work with the Citizenship programme, it’s very important to not need the Citizenship programme to get off the ground and to continue construction.

Once we start construction, we are not going to stop. As I said the first plan will be the seaside cottages, which is 14 cottages, overlooking the sea and a beach club – we hope to have that opened in 14 months.

After that will come an 80 room boutique hotel but we are not only structuring this for Citizenship but investment investors but we are also structuring this for lifetime investors.

We believe that the north is one of the richest regions of Grenada; it’s the agricultural breadbasket. We have the Belmont Chocolate factory and farms, we have waterfalls, we have the River’s distillery.

Once people arrive in the north many people don’t want to leave and we believe that Levera will provide a solid anchor for tourism and development to move forward for generations to come.

A little bit about NTL …NTL Nevis Trust Limited has been based in the island of Nevis since 1994. For the last 6 years we have been working almost exclusively with the Citizenship programmes with St Kitts and Nevis, Antigua, throughout the region.

Over these past 6 years we have brought over 120 million dollars in equity investment to the region and we hope to bring a very large percentage of the funds moving forward here to Grenada.

The Citizenship By Investment programme is sometimes misunderstood by locals and the international community – people sometimes say that we are selling passports, this is not the case…we are building economies, we are building a solid foundation for moving forward.

Bringing investment from the outside, helps create short-term jobs with construction, initiate long-term jobs with hotels – it creates an awareness where travellers will continue to come back to Grenada, creating a larger tax space and helping the government and the people of Grenada move forward. …in tourism – you had the chicken and the egg – you need hotels so you can get flights but the flights don’t wanna come if you don’t have more hotels.

Citizenship By Investment is a way to stroke the fire, to help us get more development and to improve our current development so that tourism can be a strong base moving forward and I am proud to say that currently the Levera project with very little promotion we have not tried to promote it much until we start construction but with very little promotion, we have close to 7 million American dollars in the box.

These 7 million dollars have been over the last few months and every one of those dollars, every penny will be spent here in Grenada.

The government can be assured that none of the funds that we are raising from the Citizenship By Investment programme will be leaving the country, except (to) buy construction materials to help the progress of the development and the marketing of the project.

In closing I would like to say I love Grenada, I have been travelling up and down the West Indies for years…every island is unique every island has a special flavour… everybody is different but Grenada seems to (have) the friendliest people I have found in the islands.

Through the Levera projects and other projects like this, this is a good way to put our best foot forward, to share Grenada, to let people know what we have and share it with the world because everybody that comes to Grenada, always wants to come back.

We want to benefit the people of Grenada; we want to help the people of St Patrick’s and the Northern provinces”.

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